The sky is the limit with Michell Instruments.
Technology from Michell Instruments is playing a major role
in the UK URGENT scientific project run by the University
of Manchester (UMIST), called Pollution of the Urban
Midlands Atmosphere or PUMA.

The Project, using a Michell Instruments S3000 dewpoint monitor
to verify the water vapour levels in order to gauge the boundary
level of the aerosol and trace gases in the atmosphere is funded
by the Natural Environment Research Centre (NERC).
The project measures pollutant on the ground but also in the vertical,
checking for traces of ozone, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen.
Over the past eight months 16 flights have taken place in a specially
adapted Cessna light aircraft. The flights have been extended to the
city of Manchester and there are now plans to investigate the fate of
anthropogenic aerosols downwind of the city of Edinburgh as part of
another URGENT project called SASUA organised by the Centre for
Ecology & Hydrology. 
The rear two seats of the aircraft have been removed to make way
for an extensive equipment pannier and the Michell Instruments
S3000 which is permanently fixed inside the aircraft. 
The dewpoint monitor was installed in the 1980's. Dr. Martin Gallagher
runs the project and is highly delighted with Michell Instruments
contribution to the research. "The monitor is highly reliable and plays
a vital role in our work and measurements. Although this particular
device has served us well, we hope to upgrade to the latest Dewmet
in order to make use of the automated features offered by the
latest version. This will be possible using funds recently obtained
from the UK NERC UWERN Joint Infrastructure Fund." 
Based on proven cooled mirror technology, the new Michell Instruments
Dewmet range is capable of operating at temperatures ranging from
-40°C to +90°C, in a dewpoint range of -50°C to +85°C.
The instruments feature zero drift, giving highly accurate measurements
of ±0.2°C dewpoint and ±0.1°C gas temperature. In addition,
response time is fast, at 1°C per second.
All Dewmet cooled mirror dewpoint meters feature Michell Instruments'
unique automatic balance compensation system (ABC), to ensure
optimum performance in contaminated environments.

The system operates periodically to drive condensation off the mirror,
while at the same time providing automatic electronic compensation
for any reduction in signal, which would be created by a decrease
in the reflected light intensity from the mirror surface should
contamination build up.

For more information, please contact:-

Michell Instruments Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1223 433800 Fax: +44(0) 1223 434895
November 2001

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