Critical pressure measurements throughout Jaguar's test cars. Jaguar Cars Limited are using the latest PMP 317 series of Druck automotive pressure transducers for monitoring performance critical pressure measurements on their preproduction test cars. The sensors provide pressure data during a series of intensive climatic and durability tests to analyse performance under extremes of temperature and high-speed operation. A recent example is the XKR super charged test car which is fitted with PMP 317 transducers throughout, for example the power steering, air conditioning, fuel, brake, exhaust, cooling, crank and engine/transmission systems. Ranges of pressures measured vary from -0.7 bar up to 100 bar ambient, with pressure spikes up to 250 bar. The compact and rugged design of the advanced micromachined silicon transducer enables it to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements whilst operating in the extreme temperature, shock and vibration environment of automotive test applications. For example, Jaguar test cars complete intensive tests in the Nevada desert with ambient temperature up to 125°C and in Northern Canada to -40°C. They are also subjected to high speed testing in Europe at full throttle for several weeks. Pressure data is of crucial importance when assessing the performance of all car systems before, during and after these tests. Once the individual car system designs are approved, pressure data is archived for use on future projects. An example is the recent launch of the X-type car, rolled out from initial concept to showroom display in less than three years. At the heart of the PMP 317 series, a micromachined silicon sensing element is mounted within a high integrity pressure module constructed from Stainless Steel 316L and Hastelloy C276. This provides high measurement accuracy with hostile media compatibility and high over-pressure ratings. The temperature compensated signal is a customer specific high level output voltage ideal for interfacing with data acquisition hardware, and a choice of pressure/electrical connections are available. In addition, the PMP 317 can be powered directly from the vehicle battery, even during the cold start cycle. Gauge or absolute ranges are available up to 700 bar, with temperature range up to 125°C. A mechanical shock of up to 1000g in each of three mutually perpendicular axis will ilot affect performance, and vibration response is less than 0.05% FS./g at 30g peak from 10Hz to 2kHz. ____________________________________________ GE Druck Ltd. December 2001

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