ISBN: 0471867799 TITLE: Temperature Measurement , 2nd Edition AUTHOR: Ludwig Michalski PUBDATE: 30/09/01 BINDING: Cloth PRICE: £100.00 DESCRIPTION: The accurate measurement of temperature is a vital parameter in many fields. This comprehensive reference combines both the theory and practice of temperature measurement. Responding to emerging trends in the field, this fully updated second edition includes new material on noise thermometers, the development of photoelectric and two-wavelength pyrometers and the latest IEC standards. - Fully revised and updated to incorporate the latest achievements in measurement - Coverage includes fibre optic thermometers, imaging of temperature fields and temperature measurement in hazardous areas. - Includes imaging of temperature fields, virtual instruments, fuzzy logic in temperature measurement and new methods for thermometer calibration - Brand new chapters on computerized temperature measuring systems and temperature measurement in medicine Practising temperature measurement engineers working in industry, as well as postgraduates and researchers would find this to be an invaluable resource, due to the balance between the examination of the theory of temperature measurement and an in depth discussion of the industry applications. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Temperature scales and classification of thermometers Non-electric thermometers Thermoelectric thermometers Resistance thermometers Semiconductor thermometers Fibre optic thermometers Different thermometers Classification of pyrometers, radiation, definitions and laws Hand operated pyrometers Automatic pyrometers Pyrometric measurements in real operating conditions, summary of applications of pyrometers Conditioning of output signals of temperature sensors Computerised temperature measuring systems Imaging of temperature fields of solids Dynamic temperature measurement Measurement of temperature of solid bodies by contact method Temperature measurement of gas and liquid Temperature measurement of transparent solid bodies Temperature measurement of moving bodies Temperature measurement in industrial appliances Temperature measurement in medicine Calibration and testing of thermometers Appendix

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