ISBN: 0471492914 TITLE: Traceable Temperatures: An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration, 2nd Edition AUTHOR: John Nicholas PUBDATE: 31/10/01 BINDING: Cloth PRICE: £75.00 DESCRIPTION: The concept of traceability has evolved to ensure measurements can be communicated consistently and unambiguously. This new edition of a classic reference offers a systematic treatment of traceable temperature measurement and presents a practical guide to the principles and purpose of measurements. With an emphasis on recognizing sources of uncertainty, Nicholas and White examine the most commonly used thermometers: liquid-in-glass thermometers, platinum resistance thermometers, thermocouples and radiation thermometers. The new edition features: - How to make measurements fit for purpose; the importance of traceability, uncertainty and measurement standards. - The latest advances in industrial and laboratory thermometry, with a unique emphasis on practical advice on how to recognise and treat errors. - An updated chapter on calibration, reflecting the changes brought about by the release of the ISO 17025 standard for laboratory accreditation. - A systematic treatment of uncertainty in measurement consistent with ISO guidelines, including numerous thermometry examples and exercises. Practising engineers, scientists and technicians will value the authors' emphasis on practical advice combined with quality concepts. Engineering students, researchers and instrument manufacturers will benefit from the self-teaching approach. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Traceability. Uncertainty in Measurement. Temperature Scale. Heat Transfer and the Use of Thermometers. Calibration. Platinum Resistance Thermometry. Liquid-in-Glass Thermometry. Thermocouple Thermometry. Radiation Thermometry. APPENDICES. INDEX.

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