ISBN: 3527295577 TITLE: Sensors Applications, Volume 2, Sensors in Intelligent Buildings AUTHOR: O. Gassmann PUBDATE: 26/04/01 BINDING: Cloth PRICE: £150.00 DESCRIPTION: This title covers the application of up-to-date sensor principles in the areas of process monitoring, building control, health care, automobile, aerospace, and environmental technology. It is an overview of the sensors applied in the building control area. TABLE OF CONTENTS: List of Contributors. INTRODUCTION Sensors in Intelligent Buildings: Overview and Trends (O. Gassmann & H. Meixner). ENERGY AND HVAC Intelligent Air-conditioning Control (A. So & B. Tse). NEUROBAT A Self-Commissioned Heating Control System Using Neural Networks (J. Krauss, et al.). Air Quality Measurement and Management (H.-E. Endres). Sensor-based Management of Energy and Thermal Comfort (T. Bernard & H.-B. Kuntze). Wireless and M-Bus enabled Metering Devices (D. Mrozinski). Sensors in HVAC Systems for Metering and Energy Cost Allocation (G. Mügge). Pressure Sensors in the HVAC Industry (Y. Lüthi, et al.). INFORMATION AND TRANSPORATION Fieldbus Systems (D. Dietrich, et al.). Wireless In-building Networks (M. Barnard). Sensor Systems in Modern High-rise Elevators (E. Marchesi, et al.). Sensing Chair and Floor Using Distributed Contact Sensors (H. Tan, et al.). SAFETY AND SECURITY Life Safety and Security Systems (M. Thuillard, et al.). Biometric Authentication for Access Control (C. Busch). Smart Cameras for Intelligent Buildings (B. Hosticka). Load Sensing for Improved Construction Site Safety (P. Fuhr & D. Huston). MAINTENANCE AND FACILITY MANAGEMENT Maintenance Management in Industrial Installations (J. Kahn). WWFM - Worldwide Facility Management (R. Reinema). SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES. Sensor Systems in Intelligent Buildings (H.-R. Tränkler & O. Kanoun). System Technologies for Private Homes (F. Schneider, et al.). List of Symbols and Abbreviations. Index

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