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strain gauge for sensorsThe strain gauge has been in use for many years and is the fundamental sensing element for many types of sensors, including pressure sensors, load cells, torque sensors, position sensors, etc. The majority of strain gauges are foil types, available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications.strain gauge

They consist of a pattern of resistive foil which is mounted on a backing material. They operate on the principle that as the foil is subjected to stress, the resistance of the foil changes in a defined way.
The strain gauge is connected into a Wheatstone Bridge circuit with a combination of four active gauges (full bridge), two gauges (half bridge), or, less commonly, a single gauge (quarter bridge). In the half and quarter circuits, the bridge is completed with precision resistors.

sensor bridgeThe complete Wheatstone Bridge is excited with a stabilised DC supply and with additional conditioning electronics, can be zeroed at the null point of measurement. As stress is applied to the bonded strain gauge, a resistive changes takes place and unbalances the Wheatstone Bridge. This results in a signal output, related to the stress value.

As the signal value is small, (typically a few millivolts) the signal
conditioning electronics provides amplification to increase the signal level to 5 to 10 volts, a suitable level for application to external data collection systems such as recorders or PC Data Acquistion and Analysis Systems.

various sensor strain gauges
Some of the many Gauge Patterns available.

Most manufacturers of strain gauges offer extensive ranges of differing patterns to suit a wide variety of applications in research and industrial
They also supply all the necessary accessories including preparation materials, bonding adhesives, connections tags, cable, etc.

The bonding of strain gauges is a skill and training courses are offered by some suppliers. Click here for our TRAINING page...

There are also companies which offer bonding and calibration services, either as an in-house or on-site service.

More PRODUCT FEATURES to come... Pressure Sensors, Load Cells, Vibration Sensors, Torque Sensors, Data Acquisition, etc.

BSSM The British Society for Strain Measurement
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