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Sensors & InstrumentationApplied Measurements

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Kistler Instruments Ltd.m

FUTEK Mini Load Cells


Magnetometers for Marine Navigation Systems



mKalestead Ltd.

Equipment tp protect against harmful effects of condensation & humidity

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kIxthus Instrumentation

Bruel & Kjaer


Sensors for pressure, level & temperature

Calibration equipment for Pressure, Temp, Elec & Vibration

Force Measurement & Pressure Mapping Systems

Processing ICs for linear & rotary  measurement

Temperature controller - software based

Rapidox range of Gas Analysers

Sensors, Strain gauges, Measurement Electronics

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Level Control specialistsk


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Linear and Rotary position sensors

Habia- Wires & Cables for Sensor Applications

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  Position Sensors & Level Sensors

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Advanced Sensor Technology

USB & PCI Data Acquisition Solutions

Torque Sensors, Bolt-On Sensors


 Dynamic sensors for Acceleration, Load, & Pressure


Pressure Transducers & Transmitters, Strain Gauges & Wireless System

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