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FUTEK Mini Load Cells


Electronic Filters & Signal Conditioning

Pressure & Temperature measurement

K K Systems

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xLevel Measurement & Control

Load Cell Systems


Sensors for load, force, torque, position, pressure, vibration, temperature, weight

Micro-electronics in amplifiers, data acquisition, telemetry

Pressure Sensors, Transmitters & Switches

Sensors for liquid process measurement

Displacement Sensors & Systems

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Omega for Sensors & Systems

inrared thermometers


Custom thin film Sensors for pressure, load, etc.

Sensors for force, toque, load, strain, pressure, acoustics, shock, vibration & acceleration

SMi Pressure Sensorsm



Sensors to measure dewpoint, moisture, humidity, flow

Low Cost OEM Rotary Torque Sensors

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Sensortechnics GmbH

Sensors for Flow, Level, Pressure & Temperature

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Sensonics Sensors & Monitors

RDP Sensors & SystemsRDP Electronics


  SK Wiring

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