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Overspeed Protection System for Turbines and Pumps
Sensonics (Ref. 5962 - April 2015)
Low Cost Process and Temperature Controllers offer high accuracy
Omega Engineering (Ref. 5961 - April 2015)
Rugged, easy-to-install Inductive Position Sensors suit harsh conditions
Hoffman Kripper Inc. (Ref. 5960 - April 2015)
Braking News !!! New Brake Pedal Load Cells
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 5959 - April 2015)
EMITECH expands to meet aeronautical test demand
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5958 - April 2015)
BEIs new incremental encoder range now available from Variohm
Variohm Eurosensor (Ref. 5957 - April 2015)
Sherborne Sensors appoints new General Manager
Sherborne Sensors (Ref. 5956 - April 2015)
HBM introduce New Modules for SomatXR Data Acquisition System
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5955 - April 2015)
Compact & Precise Amplifier for many different applications
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5954 - April 2015)
New High Accuracy Linear Position Sensors
Novotechnik (Ref. 5953 - April 2015)
New 1/2" Random Incidence Microphone covers bigger audible range
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5952 - April 2015)
Compact, Submersible Tension and Compression Load Cells
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 5951 - April 2015)
Mantracourt offers FREE Data Logging and Monitoring Software
Mantracourt Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 5950 - April 2015)
FREE Guides-CheckWeighing, Metal Detection, X-Ray & Vision Inspection
Mettler Toldeo (Ref. 5949 - April 2015)
New 650°C Accelerometer eliminates noise spikes
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5948 - April 2015)
Design improvements for Crop Dusters with Pressure Switches
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5947 - April 2015)
Meaurement Specialities' Piezo Thin Film Sensors are now in stock
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5946 - April 2015)
New maXYmos NC for monitoring & controlling NC servo press modules
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5945 - April 2015)
New 2015 Measurement Product Guide now available
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5944 - April 2015)
Co-founder of Bruel & Kjaer passes away just after his 100th birthday
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5943 - April 2015)
Changes at Techni Measure
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5942 - April 2015)
New Product Selector Guide from Dytran
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5941 - April 2015)
New DC Accelerometers
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5940 - April 2015)
Strain Gauge Clamp
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5939 - April 2015)
Triaxial Vibration Logger
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5938 - April 2015)
Tactical Grade Navigation
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5937 - April 2015)
Strain Gauge Adhesives
Techni Measure Limited (Ref. 5936 - April 2015)
Transmitter for Very Low Air Velocity
E+E Elektronik GmbH (Ref. 5935 - April 2015)
Pressure Transmitter A-10 now also in block design
WIKA Instruments (Ref. 5934 - April 2015)
Miniature Thermometer for sterile processes gets Ex approvals
WIKA Instruments (Ref. 5933 - April 2015)
Load Cell for Train, Vehicle and Weighbridge Scales
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5932 - April 2015)
FREE Production Monitoring Seminar/Workshop
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5931 - April 2015)
Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) shakes it up !
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5930 - April 2015)
New MEMS DC Response Accelerometers
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5929 - April 2015)
Piezoresistive single-channel Amplifier recognises PiezoSmart® Sensors
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5928 - March 2015)
New HBM Sensor for Dynamic Weighing
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5927 - March 2015)
Rapidox 2112 Mutliplex Sampling System is launched
Cambridge Sensotec Ltd. (Ref. 5926 - March 2015)
Force Sensors with IP68 rating are designed for harsh applications
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5925 - March 2015)
Fiber Optic Sensing used in the Motor Racing Industry
LUNA Inc.. (Ref. 5924 - March 2015)
Mobile Harbour Equipment generates commercial information
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 5923 - March 2015)
More NEW products from PVL Ltd.
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 5922 - March 2015)
Edinburgh Conference on Wind, Wave & Tidal Energy
Engineering Integrity Society (Ref. 5921 - March 2015)
PMX System with Integrated Control Unit offers simple solution
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5920 - March 2015)
Portable Reference Shaker has selectable frequency & amplitude
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5919 - March 2015)
New Compact Force Sensor from HBM
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5918 - March 2015)
Improved efficiences in Process applications with HBM Training
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5917 - March 2015)
Updated version of Common API for flexible integration
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5916 - March 2015)
Custom OEM Sensors now available from MicroEpsilon
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5915 - March 2015)
Flexible approach makes Load Cell customisation easy
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 5914 - March 2015)
Sensors from Impress on show at the IWEX Show at the NEC
Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. (Ref. 5913 - March 2015)
Lockheed Martin Space Systems boosts aerospace test capabilities
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5912 - March 2015)
New Temperature Sensor Series for HVAC & Building Technology
E+E Elektronik (Ref. 5911 - March 2015)
Modular Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors with digital i2C interface
Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. (Ref. 5910 - March 2015)
HBM win Contract for Phase II of the ITER Project
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5909 - March 2015)
Course teaches Strain Gauge Installation on Plastics/Fibre Composites
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5908 - March 2015)
New 1200 deg.F Accelerometer eliminates noise
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5907 - March 2015)
Meet Bruel & Kjaer at Spring Conference at Silverstone Racetrack
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5906 - March 2015)
Now available 100,00g Pyroshock Accelerometer
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5905 - March 2015)
New Clear Label Sensor
Lion Precision Inc (Ref. 5904 - March 2015)
Pressure Sensors now with digital output
BCM Sensor Technlogies (Ref. 5903 - February 2015)
Non-contact Signal Transmission for same cost as Slip Ring types
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5902 - February 2015)
Rugged DC Accelerometers for low cost critical structural monitoring
Measurement Specialities Inc (Ref. 5901 - February 2015)
Eddy Current Sensor with integral electronics is launched for OEM use
Micro Epsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5900 - February 2015)
Cambridge Sensotec continues to expand into International Markets
Cambridge Sensotec (Ref. 5899 - February 2015)
ATEX enclosure to house Load Cell Amplifiers & Relays
LCM Systems Ltd. (Ref. 5898 - February 2015)
Ixthus expands Position Sensor range
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 5897 - February 2015)
HVAC Humidity & Temperature Transmitter for Duct Mounting
E+E Elektronik GmbH (Ref. 5896 - February 2015)
Launch of next generation SLM Utility Software - G4
Larson Davis - part of PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5895 - February 2015)
Four Billion Miles on just one tank of fuel !!!
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5894 - February 2015)
Torque and Angle Measurements for PTO Shafts
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 5893 - February 2015)
High Precision Single/Dual Axis Inclinometer offers many options
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5892 - February 2015)
Reducing Engine Friction
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 5891 - February 2015)
Cost-effective Maintenance Contract for enhanced CATMAN range
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5890 - February 2015)
Measuring with Piezoelectric Sensors has never been so easy
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5889 - February 2015)
Standalone Data Acquisition System for Vibration & Sound Measurement
Data Translation Ltd. (Ref. 5888 - February 2015)
New Low Level Force Sensor is small but perfectly formed
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5887 - February 2015)
Confocal Sensor performs precision alignment to 2 micron accuracy
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5886 - February 2015)
New Digital Indicator: Many Functions, Compact Design
WIKA Instrumenta Ltd. (Ref. 5885 - February 2015)
New Pressure Transmitter for Hazardous Areas
WIKA Instrumenta Ltd. (Ref. 5884 - February 2015)
New Temperature Probe with Condensation Protection
WIKA Instrumenta Ltd. (Ref. 5883 - February 2015)
HBM develops TIM-EC Interface for a flexible solution
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5882 - February 2015)
Cost-effective Position Sensor for Dosing systems
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5881 - February 2015)
Sound & Vibration Pioneer, Per V.Bruel celebrates 100 years
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5880 - February 2015)
Miniature S-beam Load Cell from FUTEK
FUTEK (Ref. 5879 - February 2015)
New range of Stand-Alone Data Acquisition Systems is launched
Data Translation (Ref. 5878 - February 2015)
KS Capacitive Sensors
Waycon GmbH (Ref. 5877 - February 2015)
New Real-Time PMX Interface Card provides immediate results
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5876 - February 2015)
Next-generation Spindle Growth Measurement System is launched
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5875 - February 2015)
Sensor News from PVL Ltd.
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 5874 - February 2015)
More Sensor News from PVL Ltd.
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 5873 - February 2015)
Robust Eddy Current Sensors withstand 100g shock loads on trains
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5872 - February 2015)
Compact Preamplifier product range is expanded
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5871 - February 2015)
New Mechanical Vibration Switches with remote reset are launched
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5870 - February 2015)
Blue Laser profile Scanner for shiny & red hot surfaces is launched
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5869 - February 2015)
See Blue Laser 2D/3D Profile Sensor at Southern Manufacturing Show
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 5868 - February 2015)
Contelec's Rotary Encoder suits ultra heavy duty applications
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5867 - February 2015)
News From Corintech
Corintech (Ref. 5866 - February 2015)
Registration for EIS Exhibition & Conference at Silverstone now open
Engineering Integrity Society (Ref. 5865 - February 2015)
Predictor-LimA habla Espanol
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5864 - February 2015)
Swiveler ICP Industrial Accelerometer now on 5 day delivery
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5863 - February 2015)
Boeing Defense, Space & Security give approval to PCB Piezotronics
PCB Piezotronics (Ref. 5862 - January 2015)
Rapidox Gas Analysers designed for a variety of applications
Cambridge Sensotec Ltd. (Ref. 5861 - January 2015)
New Driver from HBM offers simple integration
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5860 - January 2015)
HBM introduces GEN7i to its Genesis Highspeed range
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5859 - January 2015)
AML Sensors give flawless results in sub-zero temperatures
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 5858 - January 2015)
New Strain Gauges from HBM offer a quick and simple installation
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5857 - January 2015)
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters conforms to all IS applications
E+E Elektronik GmbH (Ref. 5856 - January 2015)
Oil, Gas and Subsea Pressure Measurements from ESI Technology
ESI Technology Ltd. (Ref. 5855 - January 2015)
B&K launch OnLine Store for American market
Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 5854 - January 2015)
Incremental Encoder range is revised and improved
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5853 - January 2015)
HBM bring Measurement Technology Know-how up to date
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 5852 - January 2015)
New range of Certified ATEX Load Cells & Accessories are announced
LCM Systems Ltd. (Ref. 5851 - January 2015)
More NEW products from PVL Ltd.
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 5850 - January 2015)
Pulse 19 updates harmonise sound and vibration productivity
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 5849 - January 2015)
Conrad now stock OptoForce's latest 3D Force Sensors
Conrad (Ref. 5848 - January 2015)
Confocal Sensors used on Laser Micromaching Projects
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd.(Ref. 5847 - January 2015)
Non-contacting Sensors gain E1 approval
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 5846 - January 2015)
Pressure Sensors - German Reliability, British Accuracy, Italian Creativity
ESI Technology (Ref. 5845 - January 2015)
Kistler and Toolex bring hi-tech to hand presses
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 5844 - January 2015)

Sensors & Systems
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range for measurement of Load, Pressure, Torque, Displacement.
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Customised and standard sensor solutions. Large selection of Photodiodes, Pressure, flow and liquid level sensors


Manufacturer of accurate measurement systems and professional sensors for industry and research

Switches and Sensors

Over 800 switches & sensors including Acceleration, Float, Level, Magnet, Motion, Reed, Proximity, Relay, Tilt/Tip and Vibration.

liquid level sensor

Gill Sensors provide capacitive liquid level sensors suitable for most liquids, including fuel, oil, bio-fuel, water and ink
Pressure & Temperature
WIKA - world leader in pressure and temperature measurement solutions

Rotary & Linear Sensors

High quality Sensors for angular and linear position measurement

FUTEK Mini Load Cells

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