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Easier and quicker Flow Meter Services now available
VP Instruments (Ref. 6830 - February 2018)
One Million Custom Sensors and Counting...
Variohm-EuroSensor (Ref. 6829 - February 2018)
Low Power Accelerometer
KDP Electronic Systems (Ref. 6828 - February 2018)
HBM keeps BLOODHOUND on track for World Sppeed Record
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6827 - February 2018)
Drag Measurement System from HUUB Ltd. uses HBM Load Cells
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6826 - February 2018)
All the latest Product News from SIKA Instruments
SIKA Instruments UK (Ref. 6825 - February 2018)
Portable Emissions Analyser with Real-Time Data-Logging Software
E-Instruments Intl, LLC (Ref. 6824 - February 2018)
UK Formula Student Team uses Kistler 2-Axis Motion Optical Sensor
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 6823 - February 2018)
Arrow Electronics and Basler join forces to strengthen vision solutions
Arrow Electronics (Ref. 6822 - February 2018)
Miniature Laser Sensors for precise detection of small objects & gaps
Baumer UK (Ref. 6821 - February 2018)
NEW Intelligent Load Cell from HBM has all the answers !
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6820 - February 2018)
£500,000 Investment in Pick & Place machine for PCB assembly
Ion Science (Ref. 6819 - February 2018)
Electric Vehicle Pioneer favours Wireless Test Rigs
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 6818 - February 2018)
New Web Section to help Companies solve their Engineering Challenges
Amplicon (Ref. 6817 - February 2018)
Stainless Steel Proximity Probe Holders for tough environments
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 6816 - February 2018)
NEW Miniature Draw Wire sensor offers 8 times longer service life
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 6815 - February 2018)
Shaft Encoder
Zettlex UK Ltd. (Ref. 6814 - February 2018)
The World's Toughest Encoder
Zettlex UK Ltd. (Ref. 6813 - February 2018)
New Evaluation Kit for Environmental Sensors is launched
Sensirion AG (Ref. 6812 - February 2018)
New Labfacility Products for 2018
Labfacility (Ref. 6811 - February 2018)
Individual Service for High-End Positioning Systems
Physik Instruments (Ref. 6810 - February 2018)
Register NOW for High End Sensors International Conference
HES (Ref. 6809 - February 2018)
Save ££££s with the AML range of Digital Panel Meters
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 6808 - February 2018)
Factors to consider when selecting Draw Wire Position Sensors
MicroEpsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 6807 - February 2018)
Registration is now open for EIS 2018 Exhibition at Silverstone
Engineering Integrity Society (Ref. 6806 - February 2018)
Gas Sensors for development of Modified Atmospheric Packaging
Edinburgh Sensors (Ref. 6805 - February 2018)
Paper Power Sensor provides Water Quality Test
Bath University (Ref. 6804 - February 2018)
New Heavy Duty Angle Sensors
Novatechnik Inc. (Ref. 6803 - February 2018)
Security and comfort for lift and platform weighing
Variohm-EuroSensor (Ref. 6802 - February 2018)
Coming soon - The 3-Space Sensor LX Mini Bluetooth !
Yost Labs (Ref. 6801 - January 2018)
HBM Webinar :Minimising Measurement Uncertainty
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6800 - January 2018)
HBM Webinar :Piezoelectric or Strain Gauge Technology in Weighing
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6799 - January 2018)
Temperature measurement in the Hyperloop
Mico-Epsilon UK Ltd. (Ref. 6798 - January 2018)
Pressure-resistant Mass Flow Meter for gas mixing Medtech applications
Sensirion AG (Ref. 6797 - January 2018)
The benefits of Inert Gas Blanketing in the Manufacturing Process
Cambridge Sensotec (Ref. 6796 - January 2018)
Overcoming the complexities of RTM - by Kistler
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 6795 - January 2018)
L300 8 channel Digital Thermometer/Data Logger/Alarm/On Off Controller
Labfacility (Ref. 6794 - January 2018)
Labcal Pro Laboratory Standard - Digital Thermometer/Data Logger
Labfacility (Ref. 6793 - January 2018)
L200 - USB Digital Thermometer/Data Logger
Labfacility (Ref. 6792 - January 2018)
Precision Digital Thermometer/Logger for Pt100 Sensors
Labfacility (Ref. 6791 - January 2018)
Torque Transducer help analyse performance of valves and pumps
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 6790 - January 2018)
Ultra-low Differential Pressure Sensors with I2C bus and 3V supply
First Sensor (Ref. 6789 - January 2018)
Series 9.5 APDs with enhanced NIR sensitivity up to 950nm
First Sensor (Ref. 6788 - January 2018)
Sensors allow long-term control of bridge performaance
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6787 - January 2018)
FREE Webinair : 'Precise Weighing in your Packaging Machine'
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6786 - January 2018)
CO2 Probe resistant to Hydrogen Peroxide
E + E Elektronik GmbH (Ref. 6785 - January 2018)
NEW Martindale DT Series Thermometers
Martindale Electric (Ref. 6784 - January 2018)
How speedy is this Ultra-Fast USB Load Cell Interface ?
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 6783 - January 2018)
Digital Charge Amplifier sets new Industry 4.0 measurement standard
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 6782 - January 2018)
Compact Short-stroke Touchless Sensor for Linear Measurement
Variohm EuroSensor (Ref. 6781 - January 2018)
Latency Free Interpolation Circuit with Error Correction
iC-Haus GmbH (Ref. 6780 - January 2018)
CO2 and RH/T Sensor Module can be seen at AHR Expo 2018, Chicago
Sensirion AG (Ref. 6779 - January 2018)
Motor Sport Aerodynamic Pressure Scanning - On-car measurement
Evolution Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 6778 - January 2018)
Custom Level Switches from PVL
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 6777 - January 2018)
Load Cell measures cable tension of light aircraft
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 6776 - January 2018)
NEW catalogue for Positioning Solutions using Piezo Systems
Physik Instrments GmbH (Ref. 6775 - January 2018)
NEW HBM Weighing Terminal tips the scales with its latest technology
HBM UK Ltd. (Ref. 6774 - January 2018)

Sensors & Systems
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Customised and standard sensor solutions. Large selection of Photodiodes, Pressure, flow and liquid level sensors


Manufacturer of accurate measurement systems and professional sensors for industry and research

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Over 800 switches & sensors including Acceleration, Float, Level, Magnet, Motion, Reed, Proximity, Relay, Tilt/Tip and Vibration.

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High quality Sensors for angular and linear position measurement

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