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 GE Druck Ltd (Ref. 2653)
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter (December 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2652)
Sound & Vibration test times reduced with Pulse 8.0 (December 2003)
 Thames-Side Maywood Ltd (Ref. 2651)
Load Cell for on-board vehicle weighing (December 2003)
 Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2650)
Torque Sensor revolutionises machine control (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd (Ref. 2649)
Capacitive Non Contact Gap Measurement (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd. (Ref. 2648)
Gap Sensor operates up to 250°C (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd (Ref. 2647)
Gapman with Contact Type Sensor Wand (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd. (Ref. 2646)
Disc Brake Wear Analysis Sensors (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd (Ref. 2645)
Precision Gap Measurement in Coaters/Extruders (December 2003)
 Sensortronic Ltd. (Ref. 2644)
Miniature Non Contact Displacement Sensors (December 2003)
 Monitran Ltd (Ref. 2643)
Eddy Current Probe Driver has PLC interface (November 2003)
 Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2642)
Compact Load Cell measures up to 300 Ton (November 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd (Ref. 2641)
Sound Level Meter makes noise measurements quick (November 2003)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2640)
Panel mounting LCD Colour Chart Recorder (November 2003)
 Variohm (Ref. 2639)
Contactless Sensor with improved temp specs. (November 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2638)
Low g Accelerometer for aerospace & automotive (November 2003)
 HUBA Control AG (Ref. 2637)
Pressure Transmitters and Electronic Switches (November 2003)
 Danfoss Ltd. (Ref. 2636)
'Intrinsically Safe' Pressure Transmitters (November 2003)
 Danfoss Ltd. (Ref. 2635)
Pressure Transmitters meet all demands (November 2003)
 Danfoss Ltd. (Ref. 2634)
Pressure & Temperature Control in the Food Industry (November 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2633)
New Load Cells are shear genius (November 2003)
 Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2632)
It's a Vision thing... Precision Dewpointmeter. (November 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2631)
VersaFLEX Coaxial Cable Assemblies (November 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2630)
Low-cost solution to Strain measurement (November 2003)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2629)
Catch bad parts with the ComoNeta (October 2003)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2628)
First PiezoSmart Pressure Sensors (October 2003)
 Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 2627)
New Managing Director at Ixthus Instrumentation (October 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2626)
Exhaust Noise Inspector (October 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2625)
Load Cells in Vehicle Weighing (October 2003)
 OMEGA Engineering Ltd. (Ref. 2624)
Temperature and Humidity Microserver (October 2003)
 Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2623)
Sensor hones in on sharp operators (October 2003)
 Huba Control AG (Ref. 2622)
OEM Transmitter & Electronic Pressure Switch (October 2003)
 Sensortechnics (Ref. 2621)
Low Cost Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters (October 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2620)
Vibration Sensors for the Automotive Industry (October 2003)
 Keller UK Ltd. (Ref. 2619)
Customised Pressure Transmitters for low-cost OEM (September 2003)
 DeltaSense Ltd. (Ref. 2618)
Controller reduces custom controls time (September 2003)
 Micro Movements Ltd. (Ref. 2617)
Data Recorders are adaptable to many applications (September 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer Ltd. (Ref. 2616)
Fame Academy Show hits the high note (September 2003)
 DeltaSense Ltd. (Ref. 2615)
Humidity Transmitter with long-term reliability (September 2003)
 Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2614)
Pressure Sensor with 0.05% accuracy (September 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2613)
LVDTs used in Automotive Industry (September 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2612)
Load Cell for Industrial Weighing (September 2003)
 DeltaSense Ltd. (Ref. 2610)
Scalable Pressure Transmitter (September 2003)
 Gould Nicolet Technologies (Ref. 2611)
Rugged Data Acquistion System (August 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2610)
Summer edition of 'Transducer Action' Newsletter (August 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2609)
Pick 'n Mix Pressure Transducers reduce time (August 2003)
 Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2608)
Miniature Displacement Sensors for OEM (August 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer Ltd. (Ref. 2607)
Course: Basic Principles of Vibration Analysis (August 2003)
 Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2606)
Torque Transducers optimise drug delivery (August 2003)
 Inertial Aerosystems Ltd. (Ref. 2605)
Low cost Digital Compass Module (August 2003)
 Melexis (Ref. 2604)
Infrared Sensors in Automotive uses (August 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2603)
Thames Side-Maywood first on crash walls (August 2003)
 Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2602)
Torque Transducers on Wind Turbines (August 2003)
 Sensor Technik Ltd. (Ref. 2601)
Small Strain-Gauge 'Chip' for strain measurement (July 2003)
 Sensor Technik Ltd. (Ref. 2600)
New standard in Pressure Transmitters (July 2003)
 Diagnostic Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2599)
Handheld Computer for Asset Tracking (July 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2598)
Patented Mount allows tension (July 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2597)
Melt Pressure Transmitters with ATEX certification (July 2003)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2596)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. acquiries TAV Engineering Ltd. (July 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2595)
Module handles up to 164 transducers (July 2003)
 Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2594)
DIGIFORCE - Tension measurement without touching (July 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2593)
New Vibration Sensors meet ATEX Directive (July 2003)
 AKCP (Ref. 2592)
Next generation of Dry Contact Devices from AKCP (June 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2591)
Launch of 'Plug and Play' Sensor Programme (June 2003)
 BTS Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 2590)
Industrial Process Sensors with USB interface (June 2003)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2589)
SensorBlock monitors sensors via a web browser (June 2003)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2588)
New Ultrasonic Flow Meter (June 2003)
 Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2587)
SAW Sensor sees Servo Resonance (June 2003)
 WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2586)
Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitters to ATEX100a (June 2003)
 Shiva Electronics (Ref. 2585)
Compact Photoswitches have many options (June 2003)
 Variohm (Ref. 2584)
Take over of B+L Industrial Measurements GmbH (May 2003)
 Sherbourne Schaevitz Ltd. (Ref. 2583)
New Inclinometer (May 2003)
 Variohm (Ref. 2582)
Design changes in Potentiometer range (May 2003)
 Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2581)
Humidity Calibration Systems for Standards & Industry (May 2003)
 Sherborne Schaevitz Ltd. (Ref. 2580)
Management Buyout of Schaevitz Sensors (May 2003)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2579)
Budget-priced 4-channel Thermocouple Amplifier Unit. (May 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2578)
Noise Tours 2003 Programme unveiled (May 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2577)
Signal Conditioning that interfaces with your PC (May 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2576)
Submersible Industrial Accelerometer goes to any depth (May 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2575)
Levermount Load Cell lifts capacity (May 2003)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2574)
Level Probe detects new depths (April 2003)
 Colibrys (Ref. 2573)
MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer launched (April 2003)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2572)
Temperature/Humidity Probes for Data Acquisition (April 2003)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2571)
Brochure on Honsberg Metering & Control (April 2003)
 Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. (Ref. 2570)
Rotary Sensors suit industrial & automotive projects (April 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2569)
Short-stroke Displacement Transducers are submersible (April 2003)
 Danfoss Ltd. (Ref. 2568)
Temperature Sensors for tough environments (April 2003)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2567)
Liquid Level Sensors operate up to 200°C (April 2003)
 KK Systems Ltd. (Ref. 2566)
RS232-RS485 Converters with isolation (April 2003)
 Variohm (Ref. 2565)
Series of Rotary and Linear Position Transducers (April 2003)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2564)
Pressure Sensors provide choice of 2,3 or 4 wire outputs (April 2003)
 Endevco UK Ltd. (Ref. 2563)
Sensor for static & dynamic pressure measurement (March 2003)
 Endevco UK Ltd. (Ref. 2562)
Accelerometer offers special EMI/RFI schield & filtering (March 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2561)
Load Cells in use at Concrete Plant (March 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2560)
Pressure Sensor keeps engines shipshape (March 2003)
 Inerial Aerosystems Ltd. (Ref. 2559)
Lower cost entry GPS/INS Full Motion Sensor (March 2003)
 Shiva Electronics (Ref. 2558)
Photoswitches have all the options covered (March 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer / Endevco (Ref. 2557)
Technical Symposium on Sound and Vibration (March 2003)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2556)
Temperature Controllers reduce installation costs (March 2003)
 Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2555)
Humidity Verification of Environmental Chambers (March 2003)
 Sensortechnics GmbH (Ref. 2554)
Low Cost Pressure Sensors (March 2003)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2553)
Latest design in Limit Switches (March 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2552)
Multi-Output Vibration Sensor (March 2003)
 Omega Engineering (Ref. 2551)
Mini Hot Point Temperature Calibrator (March 2003)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2550)
Fluid Level Sensors probe new depths (March 2003)
 Beamex Ltd. (Ref. 2549)
Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator (March 2003)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2548)
Expanded series of Rangeable Pressure Transmitters (March 2003)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2547)
Low Cost Industrial Pressure Sensors (March 2003)
 Omega Engineering (Ref. 2546)
Economical Thermocouple Scanner/Meter (March 2003)
 Hohner Corp. (Ref. 2545)
Hollow Shaft Encoder available OEM stock (March 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2544)
PLC for advanced automation solutions (February 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2543)
DIGISTAR - Industrial Panel Mounted PC (February 2003)
 Novatech Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2542)
2 Axis Loadcell just arrived ! (February 2003)
 Novatech Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2541)
Donut Loadcells are new ! (February 2003)
 Novatech Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2540)
Static Torque Transducer (February 2003)
 Asset Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2539)
Anti-Aliasing Filters for amplified sensor signals (February 2003)
 Asset Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2538)
Current and Voltage Amplifiers (February 2003)
 Asset Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2537)
Signal Conditioning Amplifiers for Strain Gauge Sensors (February 2003)
 Talisman Electronics (Ref. 2536)
HOBO LCD Temperature/RH Datalogger (February 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2535)
Gefran form alliance with Nickerson Europe (February 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2534)
Position Transducers IP68 rated for severe conditions (February 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2533)
Linear Position Transducers offer IP67 protection (February 2003)
 Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2532)
Reduced Installation Costs for Temperature Control (February 2003)
 Omega Engineering (Ref. 2531)
Simple-to-operate pH Controller (February 2003)
 Bourdon Haenni Ltd. (Ref. 2530)
Pressure Transmitters have active temp compensation (February 2003)
 Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2529)
Acoustic & Vibration Training Courses for 2003 (February 2003)
 Xsens Technologies (Ref. 2528)
Match-box sized Inertial Measurement Sensor (February 2003)
 Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd. (Ref. 2527)
New range of Humidity/Temperature Transmitters (February 2003)
 Thames Side-Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2526)
High Capacity Load Cells for Weighbridges (January 2003)
 Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2525)
Miniature Position Sensors for awkward spaces (January 2003)
 Fozmula Ltd. (Ref. 2524)
Low Cost Liquid Level Switch (January 2003)
 Setra Systems Inc. (Ref. 2523)
Low-cost Capacitance Vacuum Gauge (January 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2522)
Vibration Sensors for Hazardous Areas (January 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2522)
Latest range of Submersible Accelerometers (January 2003)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2521)
Non-contact Vibration Measurement on Pumps (January 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2520)
Capacitive Rotary Displacement Transducer (January 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2519)
Draw-wire Displacement Transducers (January 2003)
 Techni Measure (Ref. 2518)
Range of Seismic Accelerometers (January 2003)
 Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2517)
Hygrometer measures trace moisture in high purity gases (January 2003)
 Talisman Electronics (Ref. 2516)
RS232 Bluetooth Converter (January 2003)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2515)
Robust Gauging Transducers with micron repeatability (January 2003)
 Hohner Corp. (Ref. 2514)
Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder (January 2003)
 Scensys Ltd. (Ref. 2513)
Announces Power DNA, setting new industry standards (January 2003)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2512)
Intelligent Pressure Indicator for Multiple Sensors (January 2003)

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