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 LDS Nicolet Ltd. (Ref. 2759)
Digital Storage Chart Recorder (December 2004)
LDS Nicolet Ltd. (Ref. 2758)
Vision XP - Portable Data Acquisition System (December 2004)
 IMPress Sensors & Systems Ltd. (Ref. 2757)
Electronic Pressure Switch is fully configurable (December 2004)
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2756)
High temperature version of Liquid Level Switch (December 2004)
 Sensortechnics GmbH. (Ref. 2755)
Sensor for Low Level Measurement (December 2004)
Sensortechnics GmbH (Ref. 2754)
High Accuracy Pressure Sensors (December 2004)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2753)
Range of low cost, high accuracy Load Cells launched (December 2004)
Axelprod GSM Transmissions (Ref. 2752)
Easy GSM GPRS Data Logger (December 2004)
 Solartron Mobrey Ltd. (Ref. 2751)
Robust Flowmeter is ATEC EExd-compliant (December 2004)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2750)
Ceramic Moisture Sensor - Quality by Design (December 2004)
 Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2749)
Thermocouple Data Logger (November 2004)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2748)
High performance PC Oscilloscopes launched (November 2004)
 Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2747)
'S' Beam Load Cell available for next day delivery (November 2004)
Solartron Mobrey Ltd. (Ref. 2746)
TDS Systems improves boiler water quality (November 2004)
 Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2745)
DAQPlot Data Acquisition Software (November 2004)
Sensopart UK Ltd. (Ref. 2744)
Sensor ensures car braking system is safe (November 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer Ltd. (Ref. 2743)
Ultra-small Microphone to measure surface pressure (November 2004)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2742)
Pressure Sensor has integral 316 SS diaphragm (November 2004)
 Micro-Epsilon Ltd. (Ref. 2741)
System monitors turbocharger speed (November 2004)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2740)
Pressure Switch resists vibration damage (November 2004)
 Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. (Ref. 2740)
Linear Transducer suits high temperatures (November 2004)
Sensopart UK Ltd. (Ref. 2739)
High performance Optical Distance Sensor (October 2004)
 Diagnostic Instruments Ltd.(Ref. 2738)
Di440 - A new concept in Vibration Analysis Instrumentation (October 2004)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2737)
OEM version of LabJack U12 Data Acquisition (October 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd.(Ref. 2736)
High resolution Sensors for low pressure injection moulding (October 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2735)
Automatic optimisation of mould residual cooling time (October 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer Ltd.(Ref. 2734)
PULSE 9.0 extends sound & vibration measurements (October 2004)
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 2733)
Non Contact Position Measurement (October 2004)
 Solartron Mobrey Ltd.(Ref. 2732)
High performance Radar Level Transmitters (September 2004)
Expert Monitoring Ltd. (Ref. 2731)
Bluetooth Sensor System is finalist in DTI Awards (September 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd.(Ref. 2730)
In search of the elusive perfect golf swing (September 2004)
Gems Sensors Ltd. (Ref. 2729)
Slimline Sensor monitors water resources (September 2004)
 Micro Epsilon Ltd.(Ref. 2728)
Displacement Sensors have long measurement range (September 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2727)
Student rescues 50 year old Pressure Sensor from bin (September 2004)
 Strainsense Ltd.(Ref. 2726)
Coupling & Drive Shaft Torque measurement (September 2004)
Bruel & Kjaer/Endevco UK Ltd. (Ref. 2725)
Transducer Selection Guide CD-Rom (September 2004)
 Mitchell Instruments Ltd.(Ref. 2724)
Advanced Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyser (September 2004)
Sensor Technik Ltd. (Ref. 2723)
Measurement Technology & CAN Bus Brochure (September 2004)
 Solartron Mobrey Ltd.(Ref. 2722)
Long stemmed Meters for diffcult tank applications (September 2004)
Inertial Aerosystems (Ref. 2721)
High stability MEMS Pressure Sensor (September 2004)
 MSI Scantech Ltd.(Ref. 2720)
Explosion-proof Pressure Sensor (September 2004)
Techni Measure (Ref. 2719)
Data Logger for remote monitoring of up to 250 channels (August 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2718)
Pocket-sized entry-level Sound and Vibration Analyser (August 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2717)
Wheel Force Measurement System is launched (August 2004)
 Gentech International (Ref. 2716)
Flow switch suits deionised water applications (August 2004)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2715)
Small Level Sensors handles high pressures (August 2004)
 Michell Instruments (Ref. 2714)
Michell's first Dew-point Seminar in China (August 2004)
Sensortechnics (Ref. 2713)
Submersible Pressure Sensor for level measurements (July 2004)
 Sensortechnics (Ref. 2712)
Digital Pressure Sensors offer high overall accuracy (July 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2711)
Strain Sensor with integrated electronics & remote control (July 2004)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2710)
Low profile Vibration Sensor looks after spindles (July 2004)
Trafag (UK) Ltd. (Ref. 2709)
Programmable Pressure Transmitters (July 2004)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2708)
Flow Control products get ATEX approval (June 2004)
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2707)
3-in-1 Pressure Sensor. switch and display (June 2004)
 Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2706)
LogBox, a small, rugged, stand-alone 2-channel Data Logger (June 2004)
Ydas (Ref. 2705)
Portable Power Cell for machine & process analysis (June 2004)
 WIKA Ltd. (Ref. 2704)
Temperature Transmitter functions as controller (June 2004)
Solartron Mobrey (Ref. 2703)
Dry Product range in Level Measurement(June 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2702)
Miniature accelerometer for high temperature operation (June 2004)
Inertial Aerosystems Ltd. (Ref. 2701)
Ruggedised, Miniature Low Noise Accelerometer (June 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2700)
Enhanced UKAS calibration & repair service for instruments (June 2004)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2699)
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition package (June 2004)
 Xsens (Ref. 2698)
Human Motion Capturing System (June 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2697)
Torque Transducers for monitoring processes (May 2004)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2696)
Displacement Transducer measures round corners (May 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2695)
Miniature Pressure Sensor uses new DCE technology (May 2004)
 RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2694)
Displacement Transducers for harsh environments (May 2004)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2693)
Spot Welder Tester improves productivity (May 2004)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2692)
Adjustable Pressure Switch simplifies system settings (May 2004)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2691)
UKAS accreditation for relative humidity calibrations (May 2004)
 Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2690)
Compact Vibration Modules are DIN Rail mounted (May 2004)
 Inertial Aerosystems Ltd. (Ref. 2689)
Double oven OCXO rivals rubidium clock performance. (May 2004)
 Techni Measure (Ref. 2688)
Accelerometer measures very high frequencies (April 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2687)
Generation of Wheel Force Measurement Systems (April 2004)
 WIKA Ltd. (Ref. 2686)
Robust and Easy-to-use Electronic Pressure Switch (April 2004)
 WIKA Ltd. (Ref. 2685)
CANopen Pressure Transmitter (March 2004)
 Audon Electronics (Ref. 2684)
Battery operated Data Logger with LCD display (April 2004)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2683)
Precision Digital Barometric Indicator (March 2004)
 Penny and Giles Ltd. (Ref. 2682)
Heavy Duty Rotary Postion Sensor (March 2004)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2681)
High Performance Smart Pressure Transmitter (March 2004)
 Expert Monitoring Ltd. (Ref. 2680)
WiSNet Wireless Sensor Network (March 2004)
 WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2679)
Aseptic Pressure Transmitters for hygenic service (March 2004)
 DeltaSense Ltd. (Ref. 2678)
Novel IP54 low-cost Inverter Drive is launched (March 2004)
 GE Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2677)
Precision (Transfer Standard) Pressure Indicator is launched (March 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2676)
Multi-Cavity System technique for Injection Molding (March 2004)
 Micro-Epsilon (Ref. 2675)
Sub nano measuring at commercial prices (March 2004)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2674)
ATEX rated Float Switch (March 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2673)
Miniature Sensors for absolute pressure measurement (March 2004)
 Inertial Aerosystems Ltd. (Ref. 2672)
Range of Digital Compass modules launched (March 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2671)
Sensor Measurement Software Analysis (February 2004)
 Omega Engineering Ltd. (Ref. 2670)
Monogram Series Connectors (February 2004)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2669)
IP67 Rated Pressure Switch introduced (February 2004)
 Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 2668)
Two Condition Monitors launched (February 2004)
 Keller UK Ltd. (Ref. 2667)
The History of Pressure Measurement (February 2004)
 PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2666)
Cost of Leak Detection slashed (February 2004)
 Techni Measure. (Ref. 2665)
Displacement Transducers models added to range (February 2004)
 Thames Side Maywood Ltd. (Ref. 2664)
Accurate High Capacity Weighing in harsh conditions (February 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2663)
Mold Cavity Pressure and Temperature Sensors (January 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2662)
Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer (January 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2661)
Force & Moment Measuring Wheel for Heavy Trucks (January 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2660)
New Force Measurement Sensors (January 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2659)
Modal Triaxial Accelerometer with PiezoSmart™ (January 2004)
 Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2658)
Expansion of the latest Charge Amplifier generation (January 2004)
 Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2657)
Compact, submersible Float Switch for industrial tanks (January 2004)
 Rotronic Ltd. (Ref. 2656)
Low Cost Handheld Humidity/Temperature Instrument (January 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd (Ref. 2655)
Surface Microphone evolves from new technology (January 2004)
 Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. (Ref. 2654)
Cost-effective Linear Position Sensors (January 2004)
 GE Druck Ltd (Ref. 2653)
Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter (January 2004)
 Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2652)
Sound & Vibration test times reduced with Pulse 8.0 (January 2004)

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