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WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2907)
Pressure Sensor Module for OEM applications (December 2005)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2906)
Easydew On-Line - A new online Hygrometer (December 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2905)
HandyScope HS3, five measuring instruments in one (December 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2904)
Miniature single channel Charge Amplifier (December 2005)
GE-Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2903)
Software simplifies Field and Laboratory Calibration (December 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2902)
myPCLab USB Data Acquisition Unit for under £60 (December 2005)
GE-Druck Ltd. (Ref. 2902)
Precision Digital Pressure Gauge is low cost (November 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2901)
Software ideal for Workshop Noise Assessments (November 2005)
Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd. (Ref. 2900)
Compliant Humidity Logger (November 2005)
Variohm (Ref. 2899)
Position Sensor protects rheometers (November 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2898)
Signal Conditioner supports dataflow software (November 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2897)
Charge Amplifier for manufacturing systems (November 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2896)
Standalone monitors manufacturing processes (November 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2895)
ROADYN System 2000 in suspension development (November 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2894)
USB Data Acquisition devices are multifunctional (November 2005)
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 2893)
Laser works with every paint finish (November 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2892)
Two new USB Data Loggers launched (November 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2891)
Surface mounted Proximity Sensor (November 2005)
4B Braime (Ref. 2890)
M300 SlipSwitch detects underspeed for machinery (November 2005)
4B Braime (Ref. 2889)
M100 StopSwitch detects stopped rotating machinery (November 2005)
4B Braime (Ref. 2888)
M800 SpeedSwitch protects rotating equipment (November 2005)
4B Braime (Ref. 2887)
"Whirligig" - three-in-one bracket for inductive sensors (November 2005)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2886)
Sensor measures very low liquid flow with high accuracy (November 2005)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2885)
Simple and affordable and Dew Point measurement (November 2005)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2884)
Portable Hygrometer sets standards for power generators (November 2005)
WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2883)
Process Calibrator for pressure sensors & switches. (November 2005)
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2882)
Cost-effective flow monitoring of hydraulic oils. (October 2005)
Merit Sensor Systems (Ref. 2881)
Merit joins MEMS Industry Group (October 2005)
Astech Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2880)
Data sheet on Rotary Telemetry Systems (October 2005)
Solartron Mobrey Ltd. (Ref. 2879)
Two options for vibration short-fork Level Sensor (October 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2878)
Switch gives 'No Flow' protection (October 2005)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2877)
Custom float switches for industrial inkjet printers (October 2005)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2876)
Hydrocarbon Dew-point Analyser attains CSA certification (October 2005)
Penny & Giles Ltd. (Ref. 2875)
Rotary Position Sensor is reliable in shock environments (October 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2874)
Announcement of NVH Simulator Cooperation (October 2005)
RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2873)
Compact version of in-line LVDT amplifier (October 2005)
Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2872)
Vibration Sensors monitor fans on Process Plant (October 2005)
GE Druck (Ref. 2871)
Multifunctional handheld Calibrator (September 2005)
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 2870)
Bigger choice of Linear Position Sensors (September 2005)
IMPress Sensors & Systems (Ref. 2869)
Pressure Transmitter generation sets new standards (September 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2868)
High resolution PC Oscilloscope launched (September 2005)
RDP Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2867)
Summer issue Newsletter now available (September 2005)
Automatic Systems Laboratories (Ref. 2866)
Handheld High Precision Digital Thermometer (September 2005)
Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. (Ref. 2865)
Draw Wire Linear Sensors (September 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2864)
Measuring Temperature and Humidity instantly (September 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2863)
Multiple point liquid level measurement (August 2005)
Michell Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2862)
Instruments help improve Fuel Cell performance (August 2005)
Astech Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2862)
Analogue Recording Module (ARM) (August 2005)
StrainSense Ltd. (Ref. 2861)
6-axis Force Sensor uses Optical Sensing Technology (August 2005)
Edinburgh Sensors Ltd. (Ref. 2861)
IRgaskiT - a new range of Infrared Gas Sensors (August 2005)
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2860)
Testing Time for new Falcon 7X Business Jet (August 2005)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2859)
High Temperature Float Switches operate up to 200°C (August 2005)
Monitran Ltd. (Ref. 2858)
Family of intrinsically safe ATEX Vibration Sensors (August 2005)
Vaisala UK Ltd. (Ref. 2857)
New Humidity and Temperature Transmitter (August 2005)
ASM Ltd. (Ref. 2856)
Cable Actuated Position Sensor with 16 bits SSI output (August 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2855)
New Environmental Noise Management Concept (August 2005)
Sensortechnics (Ref. 2854)
Barometric Press Sensor for OEM applications (August 2005)
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2853)
Load Cells can be used as Reference Standards (August 2005)
Sensortechnics (Ref. 2852)
Submersible Level Sensor with rugged SS housing (August 2005)
Keller UK Ltd. (Ref. 2851)
High resolution Pressure Transmitter measure millibars (August 2005)
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. (Ref. 2850)
First Smart Sensor for natural gas detection (July 2005)
Astech Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2849)
New Website for Rotary Telemetry equipment (July 2005)
Sensonics Ltd. (Ref. 2848)
New Brochure on Seismic Monitoring Systems (July 2005)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2847)
High performance miniature Reed Relay (July 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2846)
Four Channel PC Oscilloscope with USB connectivity (July 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2845)
Easy-fit Brass Flow Switch (July 2005)
Kalestead Ltd. (Ref. 2844)
Low-cost Temperature Data Logging (July 2005)
Analogue & Digital Services Ltd. (Ref. 2843)
Pressure Mapping Systems (July 2005)
Penny & Giles Ltd. (Ref. 2842)
Heavy Duty Rotary Position Sensor (July 2005)
StrainSense Ltd. (Ref. 2841)
Optical Torque Sensor for high speed use. (June 2005)
PVL Ltd. (Ref. 2840)
Cost effective Flow Monitoring for hydraulic oils (June 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2839)
Hand-held Analyser wins product design award. (June 2005)
Keller (UK) Ltd. (Ref. 2838)
'All-in-one' Pressure Gauge and Data Logger (June 2005)
WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2837)
Quick and flexible Temperature Transmitter (June 2005)
WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2836)
CPH 6000 Process Calibrator (June 2005)
FGP Sensors & Instrumentation (Ref. 2835)
Accelerometer with built-in signal conditioning (June 2005)
Xsens Technologies B.V. (Ref. 2834)
Miniature Attitude and Heading Sensor (June 2005)
Macro Sensors (Ref. 2833)
Position Sensors for Steam Turbines (June 2005)
StrainSense Ltd. (Ref. 2832)
Versatile Strain Indicator (June 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2831)
Picoscope, a low cost PC Oscilloscope (June 2005)
BTS Measurement Ltd. (Ref. 2830)
SMC 4 x 4 Mini Controllers for four sensors (June 2005)
StrainSense Ltd. (Ref. 2829)
Wireless System for structural health monitoring (June 2005)
FGP Sensors & Instrumentation (Ref. 2828)
Mini Pressure Transducer with built-in signal conditioning (May 2005)
GEMS Sensors Ltd. (Ref. 2827)
Packaged Pressure Sensors fit most OEM applications (May 2005)
Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd. (Ref. 2826)
Ultrasonic Sensors - Improved (May 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2825)
Solid State Digital Position Sensor (May 2005)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2824)
Ultrasonic Flowmeter has new specification (May 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd. (Ref. 2823)
PULSE Sound and Vibration Analyser System expanded (May 2005)
LDS Ltd. (Ref. 2822)
Digital Storage Chart Recorder is '3 in 1' instrument (May 2005)
LDS Ltd. (Ref. 2821)
Vision XP - Portable Data Acquisition System (May 2005)
Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2820)
GTX range of high-stability Pressure Transmitters (May 2005)
Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2819)
Range of modular Power Controllers (May 2005)
Gefran CRL Ltd. (Ref. 2818)
Solid state Relays monitor load (May 2005)
NetSensors Ltd. (Ref. 2817)
Differential Pressure Transducer for wet/wet applications (May 2005)
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2816)
Touch Screen Technology controls batch weighing (May 2005)
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2815)
Tension measurement under water (May 2005)
Kalestead Ltd. (Ref. 2814)
Hand-held pH/mV Meter is also a Data Logger (May 2005)
Ellison Sensors Internatinal.(Ref. 2813)
GS4200 range of SOS Pressure Transducers & Transmitters (May 2005)
Micro-Epsilon Ltd. (Ref. 2812)
Cost-effective thickness measurement (April 2005)
Penny & Giles Ltd.(Ref. 2811)
Cost efficient sensors allow OEMs to pass on cost savings (April 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2810)
Liquid Level Sensors with 70 watt power handling (April 2005)
Vaisala Ltd.(Ref. 2809)
Compact Weather Transmitter from Vaisala (April 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2808)
Low Cost range of Data Acquisition & Control Units (April 2005)
Vaisala Ltd.(Ref. 2807)
Humidity Transmitter for industrial applications (April 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2806)
B & K broadens scope of accelerometer product range (April 2005)
StrainSense Ltd. (Ref. 2805)
Sensor Ranges now available (April 2005)
Kalestead Ltd. (Ref. 2804)
Hand-held Datalogger for Temperature measurement (April 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2803)
CoMo View allows remote monitoring of production processes (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2802)
Vibration Monitoring Kit makes maintenance easier (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2801)
Sensors for Le Man 24 hour Racecar (April 2005)
Gentech International Ltd. (Ref. 2800)
Partnership with Coto Technology on Reed Switches (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2799)
Low cost cable Extension Transducer (April 2005)
MTS Sensors (Ref. 2798)
Magnetostrictive Sensor reduces size and cost (April 2005)
MTS Sensors (Ref. 2797)
Linear Position Sensor has rugged IP67 sealing (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2796)
Linear sensor with strokes from 12.5 to 150mm (April 2005)
FGP Sensors & Instrumentation (Ref. 2795)
Multi-axis Force/Torque Transducer (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2794)
Addition to Vibration Monitoring family (April 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2793)
USB-based Temperature and Humidity Sensor (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2792)
Load Cell solves high accuracy weighbridge problems (April 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer Ltd. (Ref. 2791)
New Hand-held Sound Analyser wins Design Award (April 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2790)
Quality Potentiometer that's not expensive (April 2005)
WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2789)
CANopen Pressure Transmitters (March 2005)
Micro-Epsilon Ltd. (Ref. 2788)
Displacement Sensor ignores surface reflection (March 2005)
Variohm-Eurosensor (Ref. 2787)
Sealed Slim Line Linear Transducer in Autosport (March 2005)
Sensor Technology Ltd. (Ref. 2786)
Torqsense Rotary Torque Sensors (March 2005)
WIKA Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2785)
Resistance thermometer with integrated transmitter (March 2005)
Edinburgh Sensors Ltd. (Ref. 2784)
'IRgaskiT' Infrared Gas Sensor (March 2005)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2783)
Pressure Transmitter offers temperature output option (March 2005)
Crydom Magnetics Ltd. (Ref. 2782)
Stainless Steel Float Switch range is extended (March 2005)
Gentech Intl. Ltd. (Ref. 2781)
Cap/Sensor solves bottle refilling problems (March 2005)
Audon Electronics Ltd. (Ref. 2780)
Low cost solution for web based analogue & digital control (March 2005)
Gentech Intl. Ltd. (Ref. 2779)
Analogue Fuel Level Sensor/Sender (March 2005)
Endevco UK Ltd. (Ref. 2778)
New European Centre is opened for customer support (March 2005)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2777)
Very Low Differential Pressure Sensor with high accuracy (March 2005)
Techni Measure (Ref. 2776)
Displacement Transducer is range programmable (February 2005)
Applied Measurements Ltd. (Ref. 2775)
Custom-designed load pins (February 2005)
Endevco - Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2774)
Endevco and Bruel & Kjaer have new agreement (February 2005)
Audon Electronics (Ref. 2773)
LabJack UE9 is powerful analogue & digital Data Logger (February 2005)
Merit Sensor Systems, Inc (Ref. 2772)
Merit Sensors appointed to Sensor Expo Committee (February 2005)
QHi Group (Ref. 2771)
Key maintenance...Don't think periodic...think continuous (February 2005)
QHi Group (Ref. 2770)
2 way wireless data transfer...anytime,,,to anywhere (February 2005)
Sensopart UK Ltd. (Ref. 2769)
Glass Sensor has lots of bottle (February 2005)
Pico Technology Ltd.(Ref. 2768)
Eleven channel USB ADC-11 Data Logger launched (February 2005)
Solartron Mobrey Ltd. (Ref. 2767)
Open channel Flow Meter helps companies (February 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2766)
2005 Training Courses for Acoustics & Vibration (February 2005)
AST Inc. (Ref. 2765)
Pressure Switch constructed in stainless steel (February 2005)
Macro Sensors (Ref. 2764)
Signal Conditioner supports LVDT, RVDT & VRT Sensors (February 2005)
Kistler Instruments Ltd. (Ref. 2763)
Single Wire Technology Pressure Sensors (January 2005)
Gems Sensors (Ref. 2761)
Slimline ground water monitoring Sensor (January 2005)
Bruel & Kjaer (Ref. 2760)
Measuring anti-social behaviour noise (January 2005)


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