Continuous Bearing Temperature and Belt Misalignment Monitoring System The new HotBus™ Digital Serial Communication System from 4B offers customers a much simpler and more cost effective approach to continuous bearing temperature monitoring. With up to 256 bearing sensors on a single twisted pair cable, installation is much easier and maintenance free. The system allows complete control with user adjustable relative ambient and absolute trip points for each sensor. HotBus Control Units can be stand alone or connected to relay control units to provide automatic machine shutdown. Ethernet, Modbus, and Device Net Gateways are also available for connection to existing networks. Software is provided for system test, system status and uploading of meaningful sensor names and logging / trending bearing temperatures and alarms. The HotBus system can also accept TouchSwitch and other switched contact inputs on the same network. Features: Max Sensors: 256 sensors on one twisted pair Network High Speed: 4 second scan time on 256-sensor network Versatile: Connect up to 8 relay control units (64 relays) Approvals: ATEX and CE __________________________________________________ March 2006
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