Touchswitch. Belt misalignment on an elevator is a problem that is difficult to solve because it needs to be adapted for each elevator and type of elevator. When traditional techniques are used such as inductive, magnetic and capacitance sensors, different factors need to be considered: elevator size, bucket size, bucket type (steel, stainless steel, "plastic", aluminium…), type of transported product, because in this case it is the buckets that the sensors detect. This is not always easy and sometimes difficult to realize. The TOUCHSWITCH is a new type of stainless steel sensor that has been designed to solve the problem of belt misalignment detection in zone 20 on conveyors and especially on elevators. The Touchswitch reacts to the pressure exerted on its front cover by the misaligned belt or pulley. The sensor communicates with a relay contact which triggers an alarm or stops the machine. The sensor is easy to adjust and can be used with pressures between 2 and 5 kg. It has got a test button which allows to create an error to test the efficiency of the security system. The Touchswitch is ATEX certified for zones 20, 21 and 22 Ex II 1D T125°C without internal cabling. __________________________________________________ March 2006
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