Watchdog "Elite" Bucket Elevator Monitor The bucket elevator monitor for the 21st century. The 4B Watchdog "Elite" uses non-contacting, magnetic sensors to monitor belt speed and belt alignment at the head / boot or both. Additional sensors monitor bearing temperature, head pulley alignment and plugged spout conditions. The system incorporates dual microprocessor control, using the latest PIC microprocessors and non-volatile (EEPROM) memory chips. An LCD screen displays elevator status messages (available in four different languages) and a super-bright LED screen displays belt speed. All units automatically select supply voltages from 110VAC to 240VAC (50-60 HZ) and supply the sensors with fully regulated 12VDC. Voltage free isolated relay contacts are provided for alarm, stop, underspeed, misalignment, and temperature. RS485 communication is also available for connection to plant computers / PLCs. Simple menu-driven calibration and parameter adjustment. Cert: ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 21 __________________________________________________ April 2006
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