Inductive sensor (18mm diameter), ATEX certified (gas zone 1 and dust zone 20) The P100 inductive sensor is designed for various purposes such as position indication or the generation of impulses for the detection of speed (elevator, belt, motor…) in explosive gas or dust atmospheres, without internal cabling. It has received the ATEX certification Ex II 2G 1D Eex m IIB T4 T100°C which allows it to be used in zone 20, 21 and 22 (dust) and zone 1,2 (gas). There are 2 types available, for a detection range up to 8mm, IP65. * 2-wire technology 24/240 VAC/DC NC or NO and * 4-wire 10/30VDC NPN or PNP. Detection 8mm, IP 65. __________________________________________________ May 2006
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