Remote Auto-Set Remote Radio-Frequency Level Indicator ATEX-approved for zones 20, 21 & 22 The Remote Auto-Set is a radio-frequency level indicator that allows single point level detection of most liquids and bulk granular materials such as powders, grain, sugar, cement etc… The remote version allows the programming and monitoring to be achieved at a distance of up to 100 metres between the control module and the transponder. The Remote version is recommended for situations where * the level probe is not easily accessible * regular recalibration is necessary i.e. for various products used in feeders etc * the level indicator is exposed to vibration and possible impact. * the product is at temperatures up to 250ºC The control module ATSR1V0A has a display and is simply programmed using push-buttons and switches. Like the standard version, it has a power shield function that enables it to automatically compensate for material build-up on the probe. Features: * Compensates for the build-up of material on the probe * Available with different probe types * Display on the electronic module to aid calibration/operation * Dual Supply Voltage: 110/230 VAC * Automatic or manual calibration * Time delay adjustable between 0 and 128 seconds * Fail-Safe switch for high/low level * Output relay with normally open & normally closed contacts * User-adjustable sensitivity * Up to 100M distance between control module and transponder using standard 2 core screened cable. __________________________________________________ May 2006
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