Inline Junction Box D5M. The best solution for industrial and Dust Hazard explosive atmospheres. ATEX certified for zone 20, 21 and 22 In explosive and industrial atmospheres it is often necessary to connect different types of cables when installing sensors. Traditionally, junction boxes were used for this but were often cumbersome and expensive. Alternatively, it is not always possible to install ATEX connectors on the sensors themselves and in some cases this solution can become very costly. The DM5 Inline Junction Box has been developed to overcome these problems. It is a compromise between a junction box and a proprietary connector for sensors. The method of mounting allows for the easy installation of sensors in any industrial or even potentially explosive dust hazard atmosphere. The D5M allows the connection of a maximum of 5 cores x 2,5mm². Due to its shape and dimensions, it can be placed next to the sensors it connects to, which simplifies and reduces the time of intervention during maintenance operations or repairs. __________________________________________________ June 2006
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