AB400 Elite - Elevator / Conveyor Belt Misalignment System . Detects dangerous misalignment of buckets and belt to prevent costly downtime and help eliminate the risk of explosions. The AB400 Elite uses an electronic microprocessor control unit and up to 4 magnetic alignment sensors to monitor the alignment of the belts of 2 separate bucket elevators / conveyors. Alternatively the 4 sensors can monitor the top and bottom belt alignment in a single bucket elevator. Alignment Sensing: The two probes, which are mounted on the elevator will generate one pulse for each metallic bucket or bolt. If the elevator belt becomes misaligned, one of the probes will fail to detect the buckets or bolts, and the control will then cause the alarm relay to energise and, after a delay, the stop relay will de-energise. Two separate alarm relays and two separate stop relays are provided. A self-test feature allows the control unit to check itself for correct function. An option for RS485 comms allows remote monitoring by PLC or PC. ATEX certified for zones 21 and 22 Ex II 2D T125º __________________________________________________ July 2006
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