WDA3 - NEW ALIGNMENT SENSOR FOR BUCKET ELEVATORS ATEX APPROVED FOR ZONES 20, 21 AND 22 The WDA3 is a new misalignment sensor which has been designed to detect steel elevator buckets, from the side or the front of elevator leg, as well as steel bolts used to attach non-metallic buckets to the elevator belt, by sensing from the back of the belt. The WDA3 is a fail-safe magnetic sensor, which is unaffected by dust or product build up. It continuously monitors the moving elevator, with visual indication by an LED. A powerful sensors, with a 50-100 mm range depending on the size of target, the WDA3 sensor is equally suited to elevators with steel and plastic buckets (by using bolt head as target). It can also suit stainless buckets. - Please consult our 4B engineers for more information. The WDA3 sensors can be linked either directly to a PLC or - for total security - to an independent control unit, such as the A400 Elite, B400 Elite or the Watchdog Elite from 4B, which are themselves ATEX approved for zones 21 and 22. __________________________________________________ July 2006
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