New Alignment Sensor for Bucket Elevators.

The BAP2 is a new, externally mounted non-contact alignment sensor reading through a polycarbonate window in the elevator case.

The fail safe magnetic sensors remain unaffected by dust or product build up, continuously monitoring the moving target with visual indication by LED.

With a 25-75mm range, dependant on the size of the target, the BAP2 is a powerful sensor. Adjustment can be done easily, either on the sensor itself or from the optional independent control unit.

The BAP2 sensor is equally suited to elevators with steel or plastic buckets (by using bolt heads as target) and it can also suit stainless buckets. -Please consult our 4B engineers for more information.

The BAP2 sensor can be linked directly to a PLC or - for total security – to an independent control unit, eg the A400 Elite, B400 Elite or the Watchdog Elite also from 4B Braime, which are all ATEX approved for zones 21 and 22.

ATEX Approved
Ex II 1D T120°C-IP 65-ZONE 20
Ex II 2D T80°C-IP 65-ZONE 21

February 2007

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