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Batch weighing controlled through
touch screen technology.
Applied Measurements Ltd was asked to design a batch
weighing system where the ingredients of each batch
would constantly vary.

To weigh the batches into the barrels AML built a stainless steel
weighing platform incorporating load cells to the specific size
required by the customer. As the barrels could be dropped on to
the weighing platform, positive overload stops were included to
protect the load cells. 
The output signal from the weighing platform is fed into a digital
display, which has two set point relays. Connected to the digital
there is also a touch screen display, this enables the operator to
see the live reading, the batch reading, the total batches and a
numeric keypad to input the individual batch size. The touch
screen controls the set point relays in the digital display.
Also built into the control panel were two further digital indicators
connected to PT100 temperature probes monitoring two mixing
vessels.  The complete system was set up to let the batching
control proceed, however if one of the mixing vessels temperatures
went out of range the relays of the digital indicators would cut the
pumps to the main mixing vessel. The operator at a glance could
see his two temperature readings, his live weight on the platform
and he could have full control of his batching. 
The total flexibility of the touch screen technology means that AML
could program the unit to suit the customer’s requirements, including
the customers name and logo on screen. The use of the touch
screen technology enables AML to offer a very cost effective
flexible process control system for a diverse range of applications.

For more information, please contact :-
Applied Measurements Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)118 981 7339  Fax: +44(0)118 981 9121

May 2005

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