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LVDT displacement sensors now available on a four-week delivery.

Following improved design and manufacturing methods, a UK supplier of LVDT displacement transducers is now able to offer improved accuracy sensors on a faster, four-week delivery time.

Applied Measurements Ltd, based in Aldermaston, offers three main types of stainless steel LVDT sensor: Miniature (AML/M); Economy (AML/E) and Industrial (AML/IE) versions. Each of these is available in several mechanical and electrical configurations. Accuracy is now available to 0.25% and special models are available for use in pressurised (hydraulic cylinders) and higher temperature environments.

Mechanical options across the three LVDT sensor ranges include: plain core; plain core with extension rod (free or guided); spring loaded or with rod ends.

The basic LVDT sensor without integral electronics operates from an AC supply and provides an AC output signal. The Economy and Industrial versions are also available with standard AC operation or with integral signal conditioning. The integral amplification requires a DC supply and provides either a 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or ±2.5Vdc output options.

The LVDT sensors are supported by a comprehensive range of analogue and digital signal conditioning systems, which provides fully calibrated, ready-to-use systems.

The ALM/M series is a miniature AC-powered LVDT sensor, which is widely used in OEM and general purpose displacement measurement applications, including materials testing machines, automotive and aerospace test rigs and actuators. The compact physical size makes the sensor ideal for use in load cells, pressure transducers, weighing systems and in general closed loop control systems. Stroke length is from ±0.25mm to ±75mm. Supporting instrumentation includes trip amplifiers, indicators, PC interfaces, high resolution digital displays and rack systems.

The ALM/E series is the economy, standard version of the LVDT sensor, similar to the miniature series, but the device can be AC or DC powered. Stroke length is from ±0.5mm to ±550mm.

The AML/IE Industrial LVDT displacement transducer offers a rugged construction and improved environmental sealing and is widely used in harsh manufacturing environments, including process plants, paper mills and industrial test rigs. Stroke length is from ±0.5mm to ±550mm. The sensor is protected to IP65 (IP68 is optional). Other options include an extension rod wiper; axial cable exit; and an integral bayonet lock connector.

For more information on Applied Measurements’ range of LVDT sensors, please call the sales department on 0118 981 7339 or email:

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September 2009

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