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STOP - Our flexible approach makes Load Cell Customisation easy

* Spending too much time and energy trying to fit your design around standard load cells or force transducers?
* Fed-up trying to adapt your equipment to suit inflexible products?
* Need something retrofitted into your application without total disruption of valuable machinery?

Then stop what you are doing and contact Applied Measurements Ltd. We have over 20 years of designing and manufacturing custom built load cells to our customer's specific requirements. From a single piece, a small batch or mass production, we really can cater for all. We provide an extensive load cell customisation service from minor modifications to the full design, development and manufacture of a completely bespoke product that's unique to you and your business.

As Robert Davies our Production Director knows,

"There are times when a standard load cell is not going to fit the exact design but when we talk to our customers and learn more about their application, it's remarkable how such a modest change can see the transducer fit perfectly into their design without major disruption."

Many of our standard load cell designs can be modified to suit your application, with some models able to be FULLY customised, for example the DSCC pancake load cell and CCG annular load cell can be entirely customised to suit your application; including the IP rating, dimensions, capacity, electrical connections and output. What's more, all of our load cells can be supplied with our wide range of instrumentation and electronics and supplied calibrated to UKAS traceable standards.

We pride ourselves in our willingness to approach problems flexibly and efficiently without frightening time and cost penalties. Our design team are here to help you, call us now on + 44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

About Applied Measurements Ltd
Applied Measurements Limited offers a comprehensive selection of transducers based on strain gauge technology. Our product range includes sensors to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement. In addition, a custom transducer design service and strain gauge bonding facilities are also available.
To support the transducer range, a variety of analogue and digital instrumentation is available including high resolution, high speed and RS232/485 equipped signal conditioners and indicators, as well as portable battery powered indicators with integral data-logging, enabling us to offer complete systems with calibration traceable to UKAS standards.
In addition to our comprehensive range of 'standard' transducers, we also have the capability to design, develop and manufacture custom devices to meet specific needs. Our expertise is based on bonded strain gauge technology, which is carried across our complete line of transducers. Our involvement in your project can be at any stage, from development and design, through prototypes, testing and into full production.

For more information, please contact :-

Applied Measurements Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)118 981 7339
Fax: +44(0)118 981 9121

March 2015

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