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Braking News! Applied Measurements Test Drive the New Brake Pedal Load Cell

Here at Applied Measurements we are committed to bringing our customers the latest innovative products to make your force testing even easier. New for 2015, we give you the CCGBP brake pedal load cell.

* Capacities 0-50kg to 0-200kg
* Very Low Profile (12.5mm)
* Integral Loading & Mounting Plates
* Stainless Steel Construction
* Robust Design
* Radial Strain Gauge Arrangement
* 3 Year Warranty

Designed to measure brake pedal force, the CCGBP brake pedal load cell is an essential tool to the automotive industry, testing the reliability of a vehicle's braking system with ranges from 0-50kg up to 0-200kg. This highly versatile brake pedal load cell can also be used on other pedals within the vehicle.

Standing at a tiny 12.5mm high, the CCGBP brake pedal load cell is small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces and along with its integral mounting and loading plate, can deliver fast and simple installation directly onto the pedal. Plus, we can even customise the mounting plates and dimensions to make the load cell suit your specific application.

Need to measure brake pedal force on an even smaller pedal? Coming soon to the range is the CCGBPM miniature brake pedal load cell. Smaller than the standard CCGBP brake pedal load cell, this miniature version is small enough to fit on the pedals of a motorbike and will be available with measuring ranges from 0-50kg up to 0-200kg as standard.

The CCGBP brake pedal load cell has a radial strain gauge arrangement which helps to minimise reading errors due to eccentric and off-axis loading, giving you more accurate data. That's not all, we are so convinced of its robust design and stainless steel construction that the CCGBP brake pedal load cell and the miniature version CCGBPM both come with our 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

As with all our transducers, the CCGBP brake pedal load cell can be provided with our wide range of instrumentation and is available on a 4-6 week lead time:

In-line ICA miniature amplifiers (for mounting on the transducer cable) provide voltage or current outputs.
TR150 hand held indicator - Has a dual range facility allowing calibration in 2 separate engineering units. Also features TEDS functionality and optional RS232 data output.
INT2-L digital indicator allows for customisation of software for your exact application.
T24 range of wireless radio telemetry delivers wireless monitoring.
DSC-USB load cell interface converts the transducer input into a digital USB output direct to your PC.
SGA load cell amplifiers - For a high stability, high speed, conditioned analogue output.

For a cost effective and efficient way to measure brake pedal force contact our technical sales team today on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email
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Applied Measurements Limited offers a comprehensive selection of transducers based on strain gauge technology. Our product range includes sensors to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement. In addition, a custom transducer design service and strain gauge bonding facilities are also available.
To support the transducer range, a variety of analogue and digital instrumentation is available including high resolution, high speed and RS232/485 equipped signal conditioners and indicators, as well as portable battery powered indicators with integral data-logging, enabling us to offer complete systems with calibration traceable to UKAS standards.
In addition to our comprehensive range of 'standard' transducers, we also have the capability to design, develop and manufacture custom devices to meet specific needs. Our expertise is based on bonded strain gauge technology, which is carried across our complete line of transducers. Our involvement in your project can be at any stage, from development and design, through prototypes, testing and into full production.

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April 2015

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