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Try Our Strain Gauge Bonding Service from One-Offs to High Volume

Applied Measurements offer a complete design, bonding and wiring service from one-off projects to high volume applications. What's more, we can even bond and wire onto your own free-issued hardware.

Our In-House Strain Gauging Team Guarantee You:

· Dedicated In-House Bonding Room
· Expert Guidance an Advice
· Full Design, Bonding & Wiring Service
· One-Off to High Volume
· Delivery Dates to Suit You
· Temperature Compensation
· Protective Coatings
· Signal Conditioning Integration
· Special Environmental Protection Options
· High Temperature Versions for use at up to 200degC!

In-House Strain Gauge Facility
All our strain gauge bonding is carried out in our strictly controlled on-site strain gauging room. The temperature, humidity and airflow are continually monitored to ensure optimum gauging conditions.

Flawless Bond
A flawless bond is guaranteed by our strict ultrasonic cleaning procedures and use of special adhesives. The bond is carried out immediately after surface cleaning and, along with our high accuracy marking techniques, delivers precise positioning and optimum sensing performance.

Design Consultation
We offer a complete design, strain gauge and wiring service to meet your exact needs. We can give you full, half and quarter bridge configurations, metalwork heat treatment, preparation and machining, bead blasting, anodising, and more...

Contact us to discuss your strain gauging requirements.

About Applied Measurements Ltd
Applied Measurements Limited offers a comprehensive selection of transducers based on strain gauge technology. Our product range includes sensors to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement. In addition, a custom transducer design service and strain gauge bonding facilities are also available.
To support the transducer range, a variety of analogue and digital instrumentation is available including high resolution, high speed and RS232/485 equipped signal conditioners and indicators, as well as portable battery powered indicators with integral data-logging, enabling us to offer complete systems with calibration traceable to UKAS standards.
In addition to our comprehensive range of 'standard' transducers, we also have the capability to design, develop and manufacture custom devices to meet specific needs. Our expertise is based on bonded strain gauge technology, which is carried across our complete line of transducers. Our involvement in your project can be at any stage, from development and design, through prototypes, testing and into full production.

For more information, please contact :-

Applied Measurements Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)118 981 7339
Fax: +44(0)118 981 9121

September 2017

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