Dynamic Inclination Sensor POSITILT® PTK29 offers High Accuracy and Signal Transmission with no delay

Inclination measurement in mobile machines is exposed to motion, shock and vibration. Under these influences normal inclinometers will give incorrect values affecting sensor accuracy.

ASM Sensors introduces POSITILT® PTK29 inclination sensor that compensates dynamic influences to give correct values even when in motion. The sensor measures inclination between +/-180° with 1 axis or +/-60° with 2 axes. Utilizing gyro-compensated MEMS technology, the sensor position signal is instantaneous with no delays and has a static linearity up to 0.05°.

POSITILT® PTK29 can be mounted with selectable axis orientation. The sensor electronics are completely enclosed and protected by a hermetically sealed stainless steel housing. The compact, 10 mm flat and max. 49.5 mm wide sensor housing enables installation in space restricted locations. For safety critical applications the sensor is also available in a hermetically sealed stainless steel housing with redundant output options. The sensor is available in protection class IP67. The rugged design of the POSITILT® PTK29 dynamic inclination sensor enables it to operate in areas of high shock and vibration in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Moreover the sensor is shielded against electromagnetic disturbances.

POSITILT® PTK29 dynamic inclination sensor is suited for applications in harsh environments which are exposed to motion, shock and vibration, especially for mobile machines. The sensor is available with digital (CANopen, CAN SAE J1939) and analog outputs.

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June 2017

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