A NEW high speed, compact
 battery operated Recorder which
 uses PCMCIA Memory Cards.

A NEW high speed, compact, battery operated recorder which uses PCMCIA memory cards is now available. The 8806 has two isolated analogue inputs pIus 8 digital inputs and reliably captures high speed events. recording them to internal memory. PCMCIA PC card memory and paper via the integral printer. Sampling at up to 400.00() samples per second. its convenient B5 book size of 24W x 160H x 51D allows excellent portability and a five inch LCD screen makes it easy to search for the required section of data. An ideal instrument for signal recording and analysis in on-site and vehicle borne applications where there is no convenient access to a mains power supply. Support for PCMCIA cards allows later data analysis on a PC. The 8806 has a wide range of trigger functions including a voltage drop detection trigger for use on AC mains. Trigger can also be taken not only from the input signals but also from external trigger sources and the internal timer. Excellent value for money. Other models in the range include the 4 analogue channel 8835 and the 8 analogue channel 8840. ____________________________________________________ November 2000
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