Model 3196 Power Quality Analyser.

A new fully portable state-of-the-art Power Quality Analyser
which can monitor, record and analyse power supply

Included are RS-232C and Ethernet LAN interfaces enabling connection
to PC, Printer, Modem, LAN etc. and the instrument is also equipped
with a HTTP server to allow a web browser such as Internet Explorer
or Netscape Navigator to control the 3196 from a remote site for set-up,
control and data retrieval. 

This highly advanced instrument allows simultaneous gapless recording
necessary for analysing parameters such as high frequency voltage,
RMS voltage, current, real power, apparent power, reactive power,
transient over-voltage, voltage swell (increase in RMS value), voltage
dip (decrease in RMS value), instantaneous interruption of voltage,
frequency, power factor, unbalance factor, harmonics & inter-harmonics,
harmonic voltage/current phase angle, K factor and flicker.

Measurements can be taken from single phase 2-wire, single phase
3-wire, 3 phase 3-wire or 3 phase 4-wire configurations using dedicated
current clamp sensors for easy connection, and up to one month's data
can be recorded in internal memory. Further data can be saved to a
PC card (an ATA flash card up to 520MB) using the integral PCMCIA

Although other instruments are available for analysing power supply
quality, none of them have been capable of measuring all types of
events simultaneously with a single instrument and this is what
makes the 3196 such a remarkable development.
October 2001
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