WS Cable Actuated Position Sensors
- now available with 16 bits SSI output.

Position Sensor manufacturer ASM has recently expanded
its range of output types in the field of industrial interfaces
with the addition off a synchronous serial (SSI) output with
16 bits of resolution.

ASM´s WS Position Sensors with ADSI interface having a resolution
of 12 bits have already proved to be ideal for many applications in
the automobile industry as well as in various automation processes.

In order to provide wider application possibilities, this SSI interface
has been developed for resolutions of 16 bits to be achieved over
the specified length measurement range.

In this case a 10-turn hybrid potentiometer detects the position value;
then an analog/digital converter puts the detected position value out
in the form of a serial data word in SSI format. The transfer takes
place by means of both signals TAKT and DATA. Utilizing the signal 
AKT the receiving electronics (e.g. PLC) delivers pulse sequences
and thus determines the transmission rate. On the first falling edge
of a pulse sequence the encoder latches its data at the current position.
The subsequent rising edges control the bit by bit output of the data
word. A new position value can be then transmitted after an interval

This cost-effective implementation of an absolute synchronous-serial
interface with high transmission rate, based on a hybrid potentiometer,
represents a genuine alternative to solutions with optical or magnetic
encoders. In combination with the compact and robust housing of its
WS Position Sensors, ASM offers a high-quality and low-priced
solution for position measurement tasks up to 15,000 mm for manifold

August 2005
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