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ASM supplies position sensors to Jaguar dealers.

Position sensor manufacturer ASM has now
completed its supply of position sensors to the
worldwide network of Jaguar dealers.

This prestige project was initiated by the consultants SPX
Corporation to aid Jaguar dealers worldwide set up the sub
axle alignment of the Jaguar S-type.

During manufacture, the front and rear assemblies are placed
on a "shove-up" jig so that when the bodyshell arrives overhead,
the jig is pushed up and the assemblies are already aligned for

However, if a front or rear assembly is removed somewhere else
in the world, it needs to be refitted accurately otherwise the car
will not drive correctly.

ASM were commissioned to design a new cable actuated position
sensor which provided a RS-232 output as well as a dynamic
brake to prevent damage to the sensor if accidentally released.
When measuring to five location points underneath the car from
two positions, the sensor RS-232 output informed the monitoring
PC which in turn provided information on correct positioning of
the assemblies.

ASM is now celebrating its 26th year of operation and now
manufactures magnetostrictive and magnetoresistive position
sensors in addition to the wide range of  cable actuated sensors. 

December 2005 
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