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Stop-Time Monitoring System NMG2.

The Stop-Time Monitoring System NMG2 is intended
to be used for safety testing of hazardous machinery
such as: presses, punch presses, cutting machines,
rotary tables or sledge-hammers.  It is designed in
accordance with international safety standards
DIN EN999.

In accordance with national and international safety standards
machines with dangerous movements have to be equipped with
protection devices. This safeguarding equipment  (2-hand guards,
safety light curtains, etc.) must be mounted in the way that secures
the best safety for the users and excludes any risk of injury.

The NMG2 is designed to measure stop time, stop distance and
velocity of power driven machinery.  With the NMG2 all the important
measurement values such as stop-time, stop-distance and velocity
are provided to calculate the minimum safety distance. The safety
distance is defined in national and international standards like
DIN EN999 / EN574. To ensure maximum safety the stop-time
measurements have to be repeated periodically (6 months).

Thanks to its robust housing for harsh industrial applications and
the built-in matrix printer the Stop-Time Monitoring System can be
used as a comfortable position and velocity measurement system
in different applications. The measurement values can be transmitted
to a PC or a Laptop  via the RS-232 interface and processed with
any software. The stop-distance and velocity data can be displayed
or sent to the printer. Additionally an optional actuator can be
controlled to interrupt a safety light curtain, so that it is not necessary
to insert the relay contact into the machine circuit.

January 2006
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