APCST24: a new generation of
magnetostrictive Position Sensors.
Position sensor manufacturer ASM replaces its successful
model PCST21 with a new sensor generation PCST24
and thus sets new standards in the field of the magnetostrictive
position measurement for applications in hydraulic cylinders
and fill-measuring equipment. The PCST24 has a protection
class IP68 and is already available at ASM.
POSICHRON® is an absolute, contact-free and wear-free position
sensor measuring system. The newly developed model PCST24
has been especially designed for industrial applications in the
field of position measurement in hydraulic cylinders and fill-measuring
equipment with corrosive media. Due to its high protection class
of IP68 and a measurement range up to 5,750mm the areas of
application for PCST24 are wide and varied.
The sensor is available with analogue output 0-10 V, 4-20 mA or
alternatively with a digital pulse output Start/Stop or synchronous
serial interface (SSI). Furthermore, the sensor can be supplied
with cable output or M12/8 pin DIN45326 connectors.
In addition to the compact design and mounting flanges M18x1,5
or ¾”, the PCST24 is extremely resistant against shock and
vibrations. This feature has been achieved by a novel assembly
of the sensor element. As a further advantage, in case of malfunction
the electronic circuit and wave-guide can easily be exchanged
without impact on the oil circuit. Linearity up to 0.02% rounds off
this wear- and maintenance-free position sensor.

July 2006
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