PPCST25: Magnetostrictive Position Sensors
for Mobile Hydraulics.
Position sensor manufacturer ASM has extended its
successful family of magnetostrictive Position Sensors
POSICHRON® with a new sensor series PCST25, which
has been designed for special requirements in the field
of mobile hydraulics. An extremely compact stick design
enables precise position measurement directly within a
hydraulic cylinder.

The PCST25 is a sensor of high reliability and guarantees years
of operation even in hostile environments. Thus, expensive
machine downtimes caused by sensor failure are now a thing
of the past.
POSICHRON® is an absolute, contact-free and wear-free
position sensor measuring system.  The sensor carries out an
absolute position measurement and is equipped with analogue
outputs 0-10V, or alternatively 4-20mA to enable a smooth
integration into hydraulic control systems. The PCST25 series
with measurement ranges up to 5,750mm and linearity up to
0.02% for high accuracy is already available at ASM. 
The extremely robust construction of POSICHRON® sensors
guarantees years of trouble-free operation. Due to their high
electrical compatibility and extremely high resistance against
shock and vibrations, POSICHRON® sensors are best suited
for applications in extreme hostile environments, such as in the
field of mobile vehicle hydraulics.
An extremely compact stick design of the PCST25 has been
developed to meet all requirements of mobile hydraulics. Thus,
the PCST25 can be built in almost every hydraulic cylinder, and
the position measurement can be carried out directly within the
cylinder. A variety of mounting flanges makes this flexible sensor
suitable for nearly every application.

July 2006
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