PCST26: Magnetostrictive Position Sensors for hydraulic
cylinders suitable for applications in narrow environments
Position sensor manufacturer ASM has extended its
successful family of magnetostrictive Position Sensors
POSICHRON® with a new sensor series PCST26 which
has been designed for special requirements in the field
of mobile hydraulics in narrow installation conditions. An
extremely compact stick design, separate sensor electronics
and the protection class IP69K make the sensor most
suitable for applications in hostile environments. 
POSICHRON® is an absolute, contact-free and wear-free position
sensor measuring system.  The sensor carries out an absolute position
measurement and is equipped with analogue outputs 0-10 V, 4-20 mA,
and alternatively with a digital pulse output Start/Stop or synchronous
serial interface (SSI). The PCST26 can be integrated trouble-free into
hydraulic control systems.

In addition to the compact design and a variety of mounting flanges,
the PCST26 possesses high electrical compatibility and is extremely
resistant against shock and vibrations. Due to these features the
PCST26 achieves the highest measurement accuracy even in extreme
hostile environments.

The sensor electronics for active signal processing is housed in an
external electronic circuit.  In case of subsequent changes of interface
requirements or in case of a sensor malfunction the electronic circuit
can easily be exchanged without impact on the oil circuit. The sensor’s
parameters such as measurement range and zero position can be
adjusted as occasion demands.

The PCST26 Position Sensor series is available with measurement
ranges up to 5,750mm and protection classes up to IP69K. The
linearity is specified up to +-0.02% full scale and the sensor’s
repeatability is 0.001%.

July 2006
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