PPCFP24: a magnetostrictive Position Sensor as flat as a ruler .

Position sensor manufacturer ASM introduces a new magnetostrictive
position sensor with a unique extremely flat housing: the POSICHRON?
model PCFP24. With a height of only 12 mm, the “flat pack” is suited
for numerous applications in narrow installation environments.

POSICHRON is an absolute, contact-free and wear-free measuring system
designed for almost all industrial applications. The PCFP24 has absolutely
no protrusion in form of screws, connectors or probes jutting out of the 12 mm
construction. This feature makes PCFP24 best suited for applications in narrow
installation environments.

The sensor can be installed easily by means of mounting brackets. With this
design the sensor position can be adjusted over its whole mechanical length
without any mechanical collision. The system is wear- and maintenance-free
and features high shock and vibration resistance.

The PCFP24 is available with analog interfaces for voltage (10V) or current
(4-20mA) output as well as with SSI or digital pulse output Start/Stop, which
makes it possible to bind the sensor into subsequent electronics for bus
systems. The sensors measurement range is up to 5750 mm and has a
protection class of IP67 with connector M8 and IP68 with cable output.

September 2006

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