POSIROT®: a new product family of magnetic encoders.

POSIROT® is the name of a new product family of high-resolution Magnetic Angular Positions Sensors developed by ASM, especially for rotative applications. First member of this product series are the magnetic incremental angular sensors PMIS4/PMIR4 with a resolution up to 184,320 increments and a quad output like optical encoders.

The precise incremental, contact-free encoder system consists of a sensor reading head PMIS4 and a magnetic code wheel PMIR4. The code wheel is magnetised with alternating magnetic poles. The sensor head produces an incremental quadrature output A/B. The system covers an angle range of 0…360° with no gap or overlap, suitable for almost any application. An index mark (Z) can generate an index pulse once per revolution.

The perfect Faraday-cage metal housing of the sensor head PMIS4 offers outstanding protection against electromagnetic disturbances and aids in thermal dissipation. Protection class is up to IP69K. Due to the magnetic principle of the POSIROT® system, the sensor is extremely resistant to oil, dust, and thus best suited for applications in hostile industrial environments.

Magnetic wheels PMIR4 are available with scalings in: decade, binary or degree and reach up to 102,400 pulses/360°, 131,082 pulses/360° or 184,320 pulses/360° respectively. The working temperature range covers -40 to +85°C.

October 2006

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