PRODIS-ADC: Digital Process Meter from ASM .

The PRODIS® product family consists of digital process meters with a 6-digit LED display, developed and produced by ASM, a leading manufacturer of linear and rotary position sensors. PRODIS-ADC is a process meter designed especially for sensors with an analog output.

PRODIS-ADC is designed for use with analog position sensors to display angular and linear displacements. A high resolution A/D converter processes the signals from sensors with a voltage output 0…10 V, current output 0/4…20 mA or voltage divider output.

The meter is programmable to display values within preset start/end range or values in units as inches, mm or degrees. A tare function or programming lock can be activated with two control terminals.

The sensor excitation is supplied from the meter. With four membrane keys, all parameters can be programmed for signal evaluation, scaling and output function. Optional comparator functions are available with 4 NPN open-collector outputs and 2 NO/NC relay outputs.

February 2007

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