PRAS1: Contact-Free 360° Angle Sensor in Ultra-Compact M-12 Housing.

ASM GmbH sets the new benchmark for angular position sensors with the new development of a magnetic angle sensor in a very compact M12 housing.

The PRAS1 sensor provides absolute position measurement over full 360° sensing range and is part of the successful POSIROT® family of magnetic angular sensors. With only a 1/2 inch diameter and overall length of less than 2 inches, this small sensor saves space and can be installed in the tightest locations.

The contact-free and wear-free angular measurement of 0° to 360° is achieved by using a position magnet. PRAS1 has a typical resolution of 0.1° and yields an analog signal through the use of a D/A converter. Three different analog outputs are available: 4-20 mA, 0.5-4.5 V and 0.5-10V. The industrial housing is rated up to IP68.

With its dependable and rugged design, the PRAS1 angle sensor is well suited for angle monitoring in a wide variety of heavy duty applications such as factory automation equipment, variable valve controls, mobile working machines, etc.

March 2007

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