ASM Introduces New Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor in Ultra-Flat Package

ASM has introduced PRAS20, a new non-contact, rotary position sensor in a slim 6.0 mm (1 / 4 inch) low profile package. This absolute, angular position sensor features a full 360 degree measurement range in a cost-effective package.

The PRAS20 yields a 0.5-4.5 V ratiometric, analog output that is available either with a complete 360 degree measurement range or with smaller ranges in 15 degree increments. This wear-free design precisely measures angular displacement with an external permanent magnet.

The circuitry for the sensor is encapsulated in a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic which provides excellent shock and vibration resistance ratings of 100 g/ 11 ms shock and 20 g, 10 Hz-2 kHz, 10 cycles vibration.

The economical, compact and ultra-thin design of the PRAS20 makes it suitable for numerous OEM motion control and process automation applications.


September 2008

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