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Solid State Pressure Switch measures gases and
liquids compatible with Stainless Steel.

American Sensor Technologies, Inc. ('AST') has developed
a superior quality, high-accuracy Solid State Pressure Switch
for the measurement of gases and liquids compatible with
stainless steel.

Constructed of stainless steel, the rugged design of Model 1000
units make them ideal for industrial, hydraulic, refrigeration,
off-road and agricultural applications such as boiler controls,
HVAC, filtration, and pipeline gas instrumentation.  

Offering excellent, long-term stability, Model 1000 pressure
switches feature a compact design with excellent long-term stability.
 Its one-piece diaphragm is free of internal O-rings, welds or fill fluids,
eliminating the chance of process contamination.  A high level of
EMI/RFI protection (100V/m) shields the units against electrical noise
and interference.  Heavy-duty relay contacts offer electrical isolation
up to 500VDC.   Model 1000 units also have wide operating temperature
ranging from -40 to 85ºC  (-40 to 185ºF). 

The competitively priced Model 1000 offers a factory set switching
point and hysteresis.  Units offer switching capability of 1 amp
@24V DC or 0.5 amps @ 125V AC, max.    Open or closed
output is provided, based on customer's defined switching point.

At lower currents, pressure switches exhibit a high switching cycle
life of 2 million pressure cycles.   Units are available in pressure
ranges up to 10,000 psi. 

Common applications of AST sensor products are in industrial OEM,
hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC/R, refrigeration
(ammonia, Freon, CO2), oil & gas exploration and production, and
off-road vehicles. By combining exotic metals and AST's exclusive,
proprietary Krystal Bond™ Technology (an advanced process in
which inorganic materials are molecularly diffused onto a metallic
surface in the presence of certain gases), AST can produce high
performance strain gauge pressure sensors that support the
specialized needs of key niche markets.

Many AST products are UL listed as intrinsically safe and certified
for explosion-proof required environments.  Some of the world's
most highly respected industrial Fortune 500 corporations have
tested and now use AST products in a wide range of critical and
harsh environments.

For more information on AST products and technology, go to
AST's website at

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February 2005
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