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Heavily revised DAQ/CAL software package debuts advanced applications and Remote Dashboard, enhancing value add to the vehicle development process

Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI), the leading independent specialist in the measurement, calibration and diagnostics (MCD) sector is delighted to launch version 5.0 of its VISION™ Calibration and Data Acquisition Software package.

VISION 5.0 not only adds unique new applications to ATI’s flagship software suite, it offers a host of customer requested improvements and also initiates a major shift in the build architecture designed to anticipate future automotive industry developments.

The key innovation within VISION 5.0 is Remote Dashboard, which allows users to view data or initiate VISION functions wirelessly from a phone or tablet. In addition, ATI debuts VISION Studio, which offers a new framework for features that include an MDF4 Data Analyzer, an A2L Explorer and Editor, plus an Automated Test Sequence Builder for creating scripts to easily automate common VISION actions.

More extensive details on each of the cutting-edge VISION 5.0 features will follow in subsequent press communications shortly, when these applications are officially released over the next few weeks.

Commenting on the general release of VISION 5.0, Christian Hubbell, Accurate Technologies’ Software Product Manager said “VISION Studio represents a ground up redesign of the software and is the most significant change in the platform since it was originally debuted in 1998.” He continues: “In the future we anticipate that our global customers’ demands to record and analyze big data sets will only increase. Mindful of this, our challenge and opportunity was to recreate VISION, designing it to not only accommodate those requirements, but to add flexibility within the architecture to enable new applications such as the MDF4 Data Analyzer, based on a more reliable and robust ‘plug-in’ structure.”

As well as the new structure and applications within VISION, version 5.0 includes a number of general enhancements designed to improve the daily user experience, compatibility and performance, particularly in terms of its ATI hardware support.

General VISION 5.0 New Features - ATI Client Services
ATI Client Services, the Windows Tray application, continues to improve and expand services that are normally not accessible or easily accessible to typical VISION application users. The latest advance is an ATI Triage service that gathers key information and files about the system and creates a Zip file that contains diagnostic information for use with ATI Support to further improve this service. The original Recorder Catalog service that retrieves data information saved in the recorder files located in "watched" directories has been expanded to allow the addition of folders located on network drives to the watch directories list. Other improvements include support for wildcard searches, user information prompts about watch folder scanning, support for markers, marker comments, and stability improvements.

New Remote Dashboard app’ to View and Operate VISION 5.0 Virtually Anywhere- available from iTunes or Google Play Store
With VISION’s new Remote Dashboard, unlimited customized virtual dashboards may be created and displayed in browsers on secondary displays and other devices to remotely monitor a VISION session. The Remote Dashboard is also capable of automating and executing some common functions of the VISION software host environment. Inspired by the way ATI customers work, the Remote Dashboard was developed to offer convenient, adaptable, location-independent, safer viewing and interaction with your important VISION data.

Enhancing safety for in-vehicle personnel was the key requirement of the Remote Dashboard. The touch-friendly aspect of the Remote Dashboard minimizes the need for interactions and use of laptops in the vehicle. Unique to the Remote Dashboard is the “Action Button” that can be configured to initiate a sequence of actions in the VISION software such as starting recorders, setting/resetting calibration values, and running Remote Dashboard-selectable scripts on the host. Safety is enhanced further by performing actions based on GPS coordinates, where multiple actions may be preconfigured and executed when the vehicle enters specific areas. Recordings may now be started and changes applied with little to no driver distraction.

Convenience- another aspect of safety with the Remote Dashboard includes layouts that dynamically size themselves to fit the browser and screen size but still to allow controls to be modified , and color themes adjusted to enhance readability for day and night driving. Users and connected colleagues can leave the dashboard running for continued monitoring even while projects, strategies and vehicle are changed.

The independent nature of the Remote Dashboard expands its flexibility while maintaining security. The Remote Dashboard runs automatically in any HTML 5 compliant web browser enabling use on a vast number of devices with sacrificing VISION memory, and eliminating the need to remember specific IP address and port numbers.

Core VISION Functionality Improvement - Advanced ASAP2 File Importing
VISION 5.0 provides expanded features for importing ASAP2 files. All keywords and data types are now supported including Functions, Groups, Measurements, Memory Segments, and Record Layouts and verbose error checking and import diagnostics are now included.

ATI Hardware Support Enhancement

EMX Data Acquisition Modules
To complement the large expansion of ATI’s range of EMX Data Acquisition devices, the configuration capabilities of VISION 5.0 include the new cost-effective precision analog voltage LSA8D channels, plus the wide range of mixed analog and thermocouple channel combinations now available.

DLX Datalogger
MDF4 files recorded on the ATI DLX Datalogger can be viewed and analyzed in the new MDF4 viewer in VISION Studio. VISION 5.0 also enables the DLX to timestamp CANMonitor channels when a message is received (On Rx).

A8 Serial ECU Interface
Additional features for ATI’s A8 ECU serial interface include the implementation of a FlashLock device setting, the ability to perform a software reset, and Brain Dead Flashing for Infineon Tricore AURIX Processors.

Vehicle Information Display (VID)
An upgraded configuration editor with enhanced functionality for ATI’s popular Vehicle Information Display is included in VISION Studio.

VISION is an innovative, user-friendly, powerful complete software solution that enables data acquisition, post-analysis, ECU calibration and ultimately the rapid prototyping of module functionality using patented No-Hooks™ Rapid Prototyping technology. A fully integrated calibration and data acquisition tool that collates signals from ECUs and external sources, VISION collects measurements and also allows the real-time calibration and modification of closed loop control systems. In addition, VISION time aligns and facilitates the analysis of information, manages calibration data changes and enables flashing of the ECU.

About Accurate Technologies Inc.
Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI), is the leading independent specialist in the measurement, calibration and diagnostics (MCD) sector. ATI’s portfolio of hardware and software products provides easy to use, customizable solutions to accelerate controls system design, rapid prototyping, in-vehicle calibration and network analysis. Quality is insured through on-site ISO-9000 manufacturing at ATI’s world headquarters in Novi, Michigan. Technical and sales support is provided globally with ATI subsidiary offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, India, and China. Distributors support other markets, including South Korea and Italy

Febuary 2017

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