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At the mid-point of the 2013 Formula One season, Active Sensors continues to be the 'Number One' supplier of high performance control and measurement position sensors to the F1 teams.

The company continues to deliver full technical back-up, which includes track support ensuring the race cars arrive at the circuit compliant with FIA homologation rules. The rules state that control and measurement sensors and electronic circuits connected to the F1 standard ECU (engine control unit) must be approved by the FIA. The approval certificate issued to Active Sensors by the FIA (Federation Internationale de I’ Automobile) is the most comprehensive of any position sensor manufacturer and covers the latest contactless Magni-Tec linear and rotary position sensors designed for vehicle control and measurement applications.

New sensor designs developed for the 2013 season included:
Miniature Magni-Coil sensors for clutch release and caliper measurement systems
Ultra-miniature contactless Magni-Hall linear position sensors for damper movement measurement

Magni-Hall contactless rotary sensors for gear position and clutch paddle applications
Miniature sensor signal processing electronics for LVDT sensors

Magni-Hall contactless throttle pedal and engine sensors

The 2014 season sees important changes to the engine regulations with the introduction of 1.6 litre V6 turbocharged engines. The regulations also state that only five power units (including control circuits) can be used by a driver throughout the season (current regulations allow eight power unit changes). This will require manufacturers to have improved reliability when it comes to specifying control and electronic circuits for their engines. Active Sensors has undertaken the homologation of its entire range of control and measurement sensors used in F1 (including their new Magni-Tec products), to ensure that when teams requires new sensor designs based on current technology, the design is automatically covered by an FIA homologation certificate saving valuable time for engineers.

Rapid availability
The new Magni-Tec position sensors are designed to enable our manufacturing to be 'customer responsive'. We build our sensors in state-of-the-art, semi-automated manufacturing cells. We can supply any sensor configuration with rapid delivery, satisfying our F1 development programs.

Assured performance
Active Sensors product development processes include exhaustive laboratory, in-house and field testing to ensure the sensor performance specification stated is backed by 'real-life' experience. This is our assurance to customers that our sensors are designed to perform!

About Magni-Tec®
Magni-Tec® Sensing Technology is a business unit of Active Sensors. The company designs and manufactures a range of patented magnetic-inductive, and magnetic-hall contactless position sensors for motion control and measurement systems. Magni-Tec® sensors are used extensively in industrial equipment, automotive, marine & off-highway vehicles, and motorsport control and measurement systems. Our technology provides sensor specifications of the highest quality and accuracy. The company is strategically placed in Europe and North America to serve its customers worldwide.

For more information, please contact:

Active Sensors
Call +44 1202 480620 (Europe) or +1 317 713 2973 (North America).

August 2013

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