Acuity Laser Measurement - PRODUCT NEWS



ACUITY presents Laser Distance Measurement Sensors
with high accuracy, attractive feature bundle and low price.

Acuity announces the AccuRange™ 200 series of laser triangulation sensors. The ultra-compact model series includes four devices with measurement capabilities from 6 to 50 mm and accuracies starting at 12 micrometers.

Employing a solid-state visible laser diode and a digital CMOS array, the AR200 sensors are ideal for measuring all colors and surface finishes, including shiny targets. The AR200 models dimensionally measure 70 x 49 x 20 mm and weigh 85 grams. The hardware and optics are protected within a durable, NEMA-4 rated enclosure. The AccuRange™ 200 sensors include serial, voltage, current loop and discrete output connections for versatile data acquisition.

January 2006

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