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Acuity AR700™ Laser Distance Gage for Industrial and Research Metrology.

Schmitt Measurement Systems, Inc. announces the expansion of their Acuity™ brand laser distance sensors with the launch of their AR700 series. The new sensors boast more accurate measurements and faster speeds in a more compact design.

Schmitt Measurement Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer of precision laser measurement systems, announced the launch of its Acuity AR700 series of laser distance gages. The new digital sensors will bring faster and more accurate measuring to applications in road profiling, tire and rubber manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and general R&D.

The new Acuity AR700 series uses triangulation measurement principles with the latest in CMOS line scan camera technology to reliably measure distances within fractions of a micron. Digital processing of measurements ensures quality data on the most challenging targets, including asphalt, rubber, polished metals and hot glowing surfaces.

Rapid Sampling Speeds
The advanced CMOS detector array and digital processors in the AR700 sensor make for fast sampling speeds of dynamically-changing targets and lighting conditions. Civil and highway engineers will appreciate the AR700 sensor’s 9.4 KHz sampling speeds when profiling asphalt and concrete road surfaces. The Acuity design meets the challenges of road profiling and promises accurate data with rapidly changing surface textures, color and reflectivity, dust, rain and extreme temperatures.

High Resolution Measuring
Each of the thirteen AR700 sensor models boasts 0.005% resolution, making the sensors capable of detecting displacements as tiny as 0.2 microns. Worldwide semiconductor equipment manufacturers demand this level of accuracy and resolution for silicon wafer-handling systems. Acuity’s design is ideal for material profiling, thickness measurements and planarity verification.

Compact Design Houses Turnkey Measurement Gage
The Acuity AR700 series of laser displacement sensors are ultra-compact, housing all essential components into the sensor head. No external controllers or signal conditioners are required. Engineers and scientists will appreciate the versatility of Acuity sensors which include RS232, RS422, and multiple analog output signals standard in each AR700 model. Laser gage configuration can accomplished directly through a panel of pushbuttons on the side of the sensor.

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September 2007

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