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Acuity has launched an ultra-compact laser sensor for distance measuring and scanning applications.

The AccuRange™ 2500 Laser Sensor is a new time-of-flight rangefinder that accurately measures to surfaces 30 meters away and to reflectors up to 260 meters away. The tiny device is the smallest industrial rangefinder available, measuring only 70 mm in length and fitting in the palm of one's hand.

The Acuity division of Schmitt Industries is now taking orders for the new sensor. The AR2500 sensor measures at speeds up to 30,000 Hz, making it ideal for many high-speed position measurement applications or as the range-finding engine of two and three-dimensional laser scanners. Typical applications include high-speed traffic monitoring, vehicle height profiling, industrial crane positioning, trolley crash avoidance and in 3D laser scanners.

The new laser sensor has a measurement resolution of 1 cm and reliable dynamic range to surfaces of varying color and reflectivity. Measurements are accurate, even in high-speed scanning scenarios.

"We are pleased to have this new laser sensor in our product portfolio to satisfy demands for high-speed distance measuring within 30 meters or range. We expect the new device will appeal to OEM machine builders who demand a compact, fast and accurate laser sensor for both indoor and outdoor dimensional measurement applications," commented David Kepniss, Marketing Manager for the Acuity product line of Schmitt Industries, Inc.

April 2012

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