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Dust and fume extraction experts on route to the UK's Advanced Engineering Show

September 2018: The UK's sole supplier of ESTA equipment is exhibiting at the Advanced Engineering Show (31st October, 1st November) - at stand N84 under ESTA Extraction.
The company, which provides Extraction and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems and training across the UK and Northern Ireland, will be travelling to the exhibition from their headquarters in Northamptonshire.

Among the units being showcased are:
* Dustomat 4-10: Designed to remove free flowing and dry dusts from a range of applications. It provides for direct extraction from process machines via collection hoods, arms or ductwork systems.

* Vacumat: An activated carbon filter unit for the adsorption of indoor gaseous odours, smells and environmental pollutants, suitable for single point or multi-point extraction applications.

* Downdraft Table: Provides engineering control of fine dusts, fumes and vapours from a wide range of industrial applications. The downdraft bench can either be supplied as a standalone item of equipment or connected to a centralised extraction system.

* Compasog: A high vacuum filtration unit for connection to a centralised system or used on individual applications to control a wide range of industrial dusts and fumes.

Mick McCarthy, who set up McCarthy Environmental in 2000, said: "As the UK partner to ESTA, we provide a full range of quality products and support services, alongside a bespoke manufacturing capability which provides for complete, cost effective turnkey solutions from consultation and design through to installation, commissioning, testing, maintenance and training.

"We are looking forward to showcasing our products and also sharing our recent venture with delegates - the opening of our new Centre of Excellence Training Facility, which is providing LEV proficiency and competency training courses."

ElingKlinger Engineered Plastics - Exhibition debut at Advanced Engineering 2018
Stand No N106

In order to share their material technology and manufacturing capabilities to a wider UK audience, plastics manufacturer and solution specialist ElringKlinger - Engineered Plastics will be showcasing it's range of high performance compounds and finished products at this year's Advanced Engineered exhibition.

ElringKlinger - Engineered Plastics is a subsidiary of the multinational company, ElringKlinger AG. Experts in the design and manufacture of fluoropolymer materials, the company manufactures finished and semi-finished products for most major markets including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Energy. With in-house material production and the ability to produce high volume components and items up to 3000mm diameter, ElringKlinger has the unique capability to provide standard and custom product solutions to a broad range of customers.

For over 6 decades, Elringklinger Engineered Plastics has been a strong technology partner to a loyal and growing number of customers. Their ambition, to help customers produce products or operate equipment that is quieter, faster, last longer or runs with greater efficiency than was previously thought possible. With a strong pedigree developing unique fluoro polymer (PTFE) materials and bespoke solutions, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics works in close partnership with their customers to develop systems that are ideally aligned to the final application to produce a 'no-compromise' level of performance.

New for 2018 will be the presentation of their Polytetraflon?? and Moldflon?? range of materials. The latter of which is a unique melt processible fluoropolymer which can be injection moulded or extruded bringing an enhanced range of mechanical properties which are ideally suited to both high volume and batch production.

Dave Sampson
UK Sales Manager

Phone +44 (0) 1642 492492 ext 315
Mobile +44 (0) 7725 698122
e mail

Intertek earns UKAS Accreditation to ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management systems standard

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has earned accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the national accreditation body for the United Kingdom, for ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management systems certification. Published in October 2016, ISO 37001:2016 assists organisations across multiple industries in eradicating bribery and other forms of corruption from the workplace.

The ISO 37001:2016 anti-bribery management certification will ensure consumer and public confidence in capabilities and competence of an organisation. The new standard provides multiple benefits such as developing a culture of integrity, transparency, and compliance thus enhancing the quality of product, services and operations. The standard includes clauses for assessment and management, leadership, due diligence of personnel and continuous monitoring for improvement regardless of an organisation's industry, size, or nature of activity.

Calin Moldovean, President of Intertek Business Assurance, said "Intertek is proud to be one of the first ISO 37001 UKAS accredited Certification Bodies. We can now assist organisations in their efforts to combat bribery and corruption across various industries worldwide. Implementing an anti-bribery management system will provide support in increasing transparency and compliance for organisations and management systems across the globe." The Business Assurance group of Intertek provides a full range of business process audit and support services, including accredited third-party management systems auditing and certification, training, second-party and supplier auditing. Our global network of expert auditors works with our clients to help them improve operations, meet regulatory requirements, reduce environmental impact, and achieve business objectives.

Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group acquires CG.Tec Injection, a specialist very high precision injection moulder.

This acquisition enables Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group to pursue its development and strengthen its expertise as a multi-technology solutions provider. Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, a European specialist in the manufacture of high-value, highperformance engineering plastics and composite parts, today announced the acquisition of CG.Tec.

The choice fell on CG.Tec because of the advanced technological expertise of the company. In addition to its know-how in the manufacture of precision moulds and the injection of miniature plastic parts, CG.Tec has developed, in-house, 6-axis robotics allowing flexibility for a wide range of products combined with extensive optical controls.
The expertise of CG.Tec is a result of 2 factors: the experience acquired by employees on highly technical projects and a sustained level of investment in mechanics, injection, robotics and metrology. "We are delighted by the coming together of two companies that have convergent strategic visions. It will enable us to better meet the needs of our customers while also expanding the base of our French and International customers, especially in the field of micro-injection and the injection of very high precision components.

When our teams speak in hundredths of a millimetre, those of CG.Tec speak in microns" stated Pierre-Jean Leduc, President of Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group. For CG.Tec, this joining of two companies is a development accelerator for existing customers. It will also promote access to new markets through an expanded customer network. The company, which already generates 2/3rds of its turnover as export, is dedicated to growing its international business with the network of Sales Offices and Dedienne manufacturing sites abroad.

Volume Graphics Press Release

From design to serial production, Volume Graphics VGSTUDIO MAX enables you to keep the quality high by getting full insight into your products.

Whether you are using the all-encompassing technology of CT or other 3D data formats such as point cloud, mesh, and CAD, VGSTUDIO MAX covers all your requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, or simulations in a single software. In the latest release, VGSTUDIO MAX 3.2, you benefit from new features such as options for tool and geometry corrections, a quicker analysis of repetitive structures, and a more meaningful assessment of mechanical effects of porosity.

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September 2018

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