Advanced Engineering UK Show 2018 - PRODUCT NEWS

Poeton Industries will be exhibiting at this year's Advanced Engineering Show at the NEC in Birmingham on the 31st October and 1st November.

As surface engineering specialists, the Poeton team will be on hand to discuss the range of coatings offered at the company's Gloucester, Cardiff and Poland sites.

In addition to the complete range of standard surface treatments including anodising, hard chrome and electroless nickel, Poeton also offer advanced technologies through the Apticote range. These treatments provide unique performance advantages and bespoke solutions above the standard treatments having been developed by Poeton's in-house research and development team and solve problems including wear, corrosion, friction and abrasion.

Having been at the forefront of surface engineering technologies since 1898 and maintaining industry quality accreditations including AS9100 Rev D and Nadcap, Poeton are trusted partners to the world's largest aerospace and defence manufacturers with expertise that ensures the latest boundary-pushing projects are not grounded by material surface issues.

Visit Poeton on stand Q30 to learn more and find the solution for your surface engineering problems.

Versatile and repeatable surface preparation for composites saves time and costs

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS) has developed a range of surface treatments to prepare composites and engineering plastics for coating and bonding, while addressing some of the shortcomings of the currently surface preparations.

Based on a patented reactive chemistry platform, OntoTM has the ability to improve the surface adhesion of most polymeric materials, creating an effective adhesion promoter.
Surface preparation is fundamental to ensuring good adhesion for both adhesive bonding and painting of composites and lightweight materials. OntoTM removes the need for time consuming and labour intensive surface preparation, such as abrasion or grinding to allow fast, easy and repeatable surface preparation of composites and plastics.

This removes the risk of damage to surface and eliminates the dust and dirt produced through abrasion or grinding, while allowing faster surface preparation particularly for volume manufacturing.

OntoTM is simple to apply by spray so that painting or coating becomes easier, and providing a uniform surface across different materials to help achieve a high class, durable finish.

While the appeal of OntoTM is particularly strong in the volume manufacturing such as the automotive industry, it is just as effective in many other market sectors such as transportation, sporting goods and aerospace. Unlike most adhesion promoters for plastics, OntoTM contains no aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and is suitable for use on a wide range of plastics and reinforced composites.

While using heat is a common and effective method for curing existing OntoTM surface treatment solutions, Oxford Advanced Surfaces has acknowledged that for some materials and higher volume applications this may not be the most suitable method, so have introduced a product that can be cured using a drying step followed by Ultra-Violet (UV) light activation that is more suitable for use in painting processes.

"As the demand for lighter and higher performing materials increases across various applications, so does the need for innovative products that make them easier to process and able to perform to a high standard" Oxford Advanced Surfaces Managing Director, Dr Jon-Paul Griffiths, explained.

"We have used our unique surface chemistry to develop the first solution for surface preparation that can be cured using UV-light after a drying step. This gives customers a faster, cleaner, and more flexible solution for surface preparation and also increases the scope of the polymeric materials that can easily be painted or lacquered."

As with all the surface treatment solutions form Oxford Advanced Surfaces, the UV-curable product removes the need for abrasion, grinding, or plasma and works with polymeric composites and most engineering plastics. OntoTM solutions are suitable for use with all epoxy and polyurethane paints and coatings, as well as epoxy, polyurethane and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives.

Contact: Terence Warmbier, Oxford Advanced Surfaces
+44 7884 666858

For more information on the Advanced Engineering 2018, or to register to secure your free ticket for the show, visit:

September 2018

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