Wireless sensor network plays key role in London Hospital pharmacy compliance monitoring system.

Adaptive Wireless Solutions have supplied a wireless sensor network system to Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd as part of a multi-area pharmacy clean room, stores and packing area compliance monitoring solution for a major London NHS hospital.

The wireless system was installed in three phases as part of a validated monitoring system by Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd for the pharmacy operations of a major London NHS teaching hospital. The wireless system monitors ambient temperature and humidity and refrigerator temperatures in manufacturing clean room, packing and storage areas. The wireless system is deployed in three physically dispersed areas and each remote wireless system is connected to the class-leading FMS monitoring software using the existing hospital wired Ethernet network.

As the demand for monitoring of critical facilities continues to increase, the use of wireless sensor networks is growing due to their ease of installation, flexibility and integration with existing infrastructure allowing customers to quickly and more economically comply with legislation and regulatory requirements.

The application specifically takes advantage of some of the key benefits of wireless mesh networks – speed of installation, flexibility in use to accommodate changing requirements in place, lower installed cost due to the battery-powered sensors, easy expansion to accommodate future needs and risk-free coexistence with existing IT and hospital equipment.

Facility Monitoring Systems finds that interest in wireless monitoring solutions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is increasing all the time with 20% of enquiries currently either specifying wireless or requesting it as an option.

Adaptive Wireless Solutions is supplying an increasing number of systems to the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.

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January 2008

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