'Vibrio' combines vibration measurement with audio.

'Vibrio' combines vibration measurement with audio
engineering to produce a measuring instrument you can listen to.

Vibrio is the ideal tool to give to process operators, fitters and technicians
who need a simple device which can be used to highlight problems on
rotating machines to the people who need to know.

Using a standard l00mV/g accelerometer, the 'Vibrio' gives a bright,
clear indication of acceleration level in the form of a bar display.

A standard 3.5mm jack connection is supplied to allow the user to
listen to the vibration signal on headphones. An additional 3.5mm
jack on the right of the unit provides a line-out signal which can be
fed into a recording device.

Using digital recording techniques such as Minidisc or MP3, many
hours of "problems" could be recorded. Once the data has been recorded,
it can be passed on to the engineer responsible for looking after the
machines in a variety of formats.

One easy way is to transfer the sound file into a PC. Once stored as
a WAV or MP3 file, the sound can be listened to directly or sent by
email to another engineer for a second opinion.

Used by people in remote locations, foreign countries or even at sea,
the ability to capture the sound of a noisy machine and then to pass,
that sound on to someone else makes the Vibrio the ideal tool to
give a whole new meaning to "it sounds rough to me".

It's easy to use - It's quick - It's low-cost

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March 2001   

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